Custom Kitchen Features to Add When Remodeling Your Home

Built-In Refrigerator

Built-in refrigerators are becoming more and more common in today’s day and age. They save space and can be designed to fit virtually any custom kitchen layout. The exterior can be adjusted to match wood, tile, or metal cabinetry. If you’re looking for an efficient and trendy way to update your kitchen when you remodel, consider installing hiring a custom kitchen remodeling company to install a built-in fridge.

Pet-Friendly Cabinetry

As much as we love our pets, let’s be honest with ourselves-sometimes their dishes, beds, and bags of food get in the way. And they don’t always smell the best, either. As you remodel your kitchen this season, consider adding a pet-friendly storage appliance to your custom kitchen design. Slide-out doggy dishes and designated pet cabinets are a popular way to maximize the space in your home and keep your pets’ food and treats out of the way.

Pull-Out Trash and Recycling Bins

Over the years, recycling has become less and less common, not to mention undervalued, simply because it’s a slight inconvenience. But did you know that for every ton of glass recycled, you’re sparing the atmosphere 315kg of harmful CO2? Do your part to help the environment by recycling whenever possible. Luckily, you can remodel your custom kitchen in such a way that recycling is easy and even convenient! Incorporate a pull-out draw featuring separate bins for recyclables and waste. Maximize the space under your counters when you remodel and contribute to the environment!

Coffee Bar

In all honesty, I don’t feel quite like myself without a hot cup of coffee in the morning. If you can relate, transform your kitchen alcove into a customized home coffee station to brighten your mornings when you remodel your kitchen.. Stock it with items such as an espresso machine, a coffee maker, storage for mugs and cups, and shelves for coffee grounds, sugars, spoons, and cream cups. Treat yourself to a professional-looking cup of coffee or a latte every morning by installing what is essentially your own personal coffee bar with your latest custom remodel.

Tray Storage Cabinet
Tray storage cabinets, typically located just above or below your custom kitchen’s oven, are a great way to maximize space and create an easy way to access your trays, cookie sheets, pizza pans, cutting boards, and cupcake pans. Rather than digging through a stack of precariously arranged trays in an out-of-the-way cabinet, install a tray storage cabinet when you remodel your custom home, which will allow you to store each item vertically (using vertical dividers) for maximum accessibility and convenience.

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