Extraversion and introversion are personality types, which play a significant role in everyone’s life. Personality is your shadow and affects the way you behave and feel. It doesn’t matter how introverted or extroverted a person is, it influences everything from their careers to relationships to social perception. 

  • Being introverted means you survive on spending time alone, value one-to-one relationships, need space to respond, the thing before speaking, and stay deeply focused.
  • Being extroverted means you feel energized around friends, think loud, enjoy going out, make quick decisions, and work in a team-oriented setting. 

Introverts need to remember that our community is inclined towards acceptance of extroverts. It is because with connections things like getting a job interview and dates become easy. Extroverts are therefore found in careers like public relations, marketing, and leadership roles. It doesn’t mean introverts cannot gain attention. For example, the argentine tango dance form is a great solution for an introvert to enjoy the spotlight. 

Compelling reasons why introverts become great dancers

Just because introverts don’t like the attention they cannot choose dance as a career or hobby. Extroverts feel energized via social interaction but introverts too can accompany beneficial qualities to the stage.

Introverts are great at non-verbal communication

Dance allows dancers to convey stories as well as share emotions through expressions. Argentine tango is perfect for introverted personalities. Shy people or introverts prefer communicating in self-expression rather than words, so they embrace dancing. They struggle in group discussions, especially when an extrovert makes it hard for them to get in a couple of words. They respond with body signs like rolled eyes, smiles, or shrugs, so become great artists on the stage.

Dance class is perfect for quiet students

Everyone in a dance class has to listen to their teacher and practice, so for introverts, the ambiance offers freedom. They don’t need to speak but listen, learn, and practice. Ultimate Tango Online Classes is also a great place for shy people to join and learn dancing. 

Introverts are focused

Introverts listen, observe, and respond only when they feel they need to contribute. They don’t try to grab attention in social gatherings. Therefore, they are too perceptive and stay focused. An introverted dancer concentrates 100% on the instructor, partner or choreographer without distraction from other dancers around. The concentration allows them to respond to subtle details, which displays in their moves.

Introverts are motivated to achieve their goal

Introverted dancers gain energy from spending time in isolation. They don’t depend on attention and praise to fulfill their goals. It helps them acquire their goals via passion for dancing. They spend time alone practicing for hours until they attain what they desire like trying a new style or adding extra rotation. Internally motivated people gain more success in comparison to the ones that need extra motivation from a social setting. 

Argentine Tango has helped people come out from their shells a little. Expert tango masters have labeled Argentine Tango as an ‘Introvert dance’ that allows dancers to express their thoughts and ideas. Tango even helps to lessen depression and is promising as a therapy for people with mobility impairment.