Commercial Architecture: Design and Trends

In many ways, commercial architecture design is an art form. It evolves over time and continuously challenges the status quo. Contrary to other art mediums, commercial architecture design requires mathematical precision and is based heavily on purpose. If you are constructing an apartment complex, for example, it is important to not only be consistent across the whole complex but also create something aesthetically pleasing while maintaining structural integrity.

When it comes to commercial architecture design in places like Salt Lake City, you are often limited by budgetary, time, or substance constraints. Weather can even have an effect once the design process is completed. However, despite the challenges, most architects today have been able to marry innovation and imagination to create awe-inspiring and modern designs. Let us look at some tendencies and components of modern architectural designs for industrial buildings today.

Inclusion of Shapes

Contemporary commercial architecture design has begun to lean on shapes that evoke the natural world. Commercial buildings used to be about function. Presently, through the infusion of clean and straight lines, open spaces, and perspective-bending shapes, commercial architecture has begun to transform. It is not uncommon to see unique inclusions of shapes without sacrificing quality. It’s a modern miracle, really.

The Use of Natural Light

Technology and glass have come a long way since the beginning. Glass wall buildings look simple in their own conception. However, as any commercial architect will let you know, it takes a talented mind to comprehend the function supporting the outcome. Natural lighting has become a staple for modern office buildings, so architects have begun to design with this in mind. But it is not as simple as just adding massive windows into a traditional construction. It is about infusing open theory walls and thinking thoughtfully about how the organic light will hit the industrial construction.

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