Causes of Container Imbalance

Container imbalance is a common problem of today’s shipping industry, especially with the number of large-scale scale vessels growing in numbers all over the world. With such an enormous number of ships to manage, and enormous cargo loads to handle, the problems of imbalance have become very serious for many shippers. Indeed, there are many reports every year from various companies around the world of hundreds of thousands of containers being unbalanced or even totally misplaced, leading to catastrophic failures at sea or at a port. Such disasters can cause huge losses to any company involved, not only financially but also by disrupting the logistics of the shipper as well as by potentially putting the lives of the sailors on board at risk.

So what caused the global container imbalance in the first place? Well, this is one question that has been plaguing shipping companies around the globe for some time, with the main culprit blamed on the global pandemic that swept through China a few years ago. At this point in time, China was experiencing a massive economic boom thanks to the real estate boom that the country had been experiencing for the past 15 years or so. But in the midst of this phenomenal economic growth, there were problems with its ports, and with the result hundreds of container warehouses started overflowing.

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