All car accident situations don’t need a lawyer. There are some scenarios where the injuries are serious and can probably need special knowledge and familiarity to deal with the complex legal system. There is no standard guideline on when to hire a car accident lawyer to represent your personal injury case. 

You don’t desire to go solo, during the insurance claim process. A law firm has medical personnel and investigative staff. The former evaluates your claim, and the latter collects data needed in negotiation or at a trial to gain the best settlement or judgment. 

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Scenarios when you need to hire a personal injury lawyer:

You suffered a permanent disability or a serious injury

When there are lifetime pain, suffering, and consistent medical bills on the line, there is no space to take chances. Consult a personal injury attorney to get their opinion. If your injury needs long-term care or caused permanent disability, then the lawyer will help to eliminate lifelong financial stress.

You are unclear who is at fault

In such scenarios, the insurance provider of the other party involved will certainly try to point out your fault. The attorney will defend you from the cross-claims and counter-claims.

Multiple parties are involved

If multiple parties were involved in the collision, where you got injured, then a professional lawyer is your best chance of not getting stuck with your medical bills. The lawyers are competent enough to handle multiple insurance providers at the same time. 

They build a case in the best interest of their clients. If the multiple parties are at fault, then your lawyer will ensure that you get the deserved compensation.

Insurance company delays or rejects your claim

Everyone doesn’t understand the complicated legal procedures associated with a personal injury claim. The insurance companies are well-aware of this and flatly reject a legitimate injury claim. They know you will not take any more steps. 

Similarly, insurance providers delay the insurance claim request, to slowly pressurize the incapacitated plaintiff into submission. They are aware that the injured party is tight on funds, and medical bills are rolling fast. The insurance lawyer takes advantage of such situations and offers a considerably low amount than what you claimed. 

The experts try to weed you of every dime, wherever possible to save the insurance companies money at your cost. A personal injury lawyer has the skills to negotiate with insurance providers. Partnering with an expert injury lawyer means you are on an equal playground while dealing with the insurance company’s legal resources. 

What is the contingent fee structure?

The lawyer’s service is contingent on the case outcome. If your case is successful and money gets recovered, then only will you have to pay the lawyer. The contingency fee is based on a percentage of the amount recovered. If the lawyer is unable to recover money for some reason, the client does not owe any fee. The percentage will differ from one state to another.