In addition to the dress, shoes and bouquet, earrings are essential items to complement a bride’s production. Small, medium or large, colorful or neutral, for each one there is the perfect accessory. We have listed some tips for finding yours. It may sound silly, but the truth is that they make all the difference in the look. Large, small, silver stud earrings, hanging, and gold, pearl or stone – each style has their own language to make you look beautiful. There are several factors that can influence the choice of bride earring. It can be made according to the model of the dress, the time and place of the ceremony or even the hairstyle. Regardless of your criteria, one thing is mandatory – the piece you choose should express your personality and style.

Small type of earring

Discreet and delicate, the small pieces are often the favorite of the most romantic and minimalist brides. The small earrings add a touch of charm and lightness to the look. A great choice for those who choose to go to the altar wearing a dress without many details.

Medium type of earrings

Perfect for those who dream of going to the altar wearing something more lush but discreet. Medium earrings are the kind that stand out without stealing all the attention. Very versatile, they can be used in both daytime and evening ceremonies. Another advantage of choosing them is that they allow you to bet on other accessories to complement the production such as bracelets or bracelet. All this, of course, if the dress does not have many details or embroidery.

Big type of earrings

Undoubtedly, they are the most imposing of all. Indicated for the most traditional and sophisticated weddings, performed at night, most of the time, they end up sharing the protagonist of the look with the dress. They look beautiful when worn with half-tied hairstyles or even with loose hair. The main tip for those who decide to use a piece of this size is to choose a model that is not heavy too.

The model that is your face

In addition to the location and time of the ceremony, the color of the metal and its size, there is another factor that can influence the choice of the perfect earring – the shape of your face. Although most of the time this factor is not taken into account when choosing an accessory.





Round face

Generally, those who have this type of face, lives using alternatives to lengthen them. In the case of earrings, teardrop ones are the best choice. Give preference to pieces with long and angular designs, thin or medium width. Look avoid models small and round, these can make your face look even wider.

Square face

Those with square faces should resort to pieces with round designs such as hoops. Another important requirement is to set aside the large earrings. A good tip is to opt for large models that extend beyond the jaw line. They help make your face look smaller and soften your expressions.