Branded Faces Masks Are Part Of The New Uniform

For example, the coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed most of the activities because being a viral disease; it has a higher probability of finding new hosts; this has forced humans to look for alternatives, making branded faces masks are part of the new uniform to be able to continue developing their activities.

Internationally, there is a debate about the effectiveness of masks; some health authorities have stated that their use does not guarantee contagion prevention. Until a few weeks ago, the main recommendation was not to go out of the house if not indispensable, the adequate and frequent washing of hands, as well as the use of antibacterial gel.

However, there is increasing evidence that it would be advisable to generalize the use of masks, especially in people who are in areas where the virus circulates, such as crowded places, where it is not possible to be at least one meter away from others, and in rooms with poor or unknown ventilation. It is not always easy to determine the quality of ventilation, which depends on air renewal rates, recycled air, and fresh air from outside. So if in doubt, it is safer to wear a mask. While wearing a respirator, you should keep your physical distance from others as much as possible. Wearing a mask does not mean that you can have direct contact with other people.

In enclosed public settings, such as shopping malls, religious buildings, restaurants, schools, and crowded public transportation, you should wear a facemask if you cannot maintain a physical distance from others. If you welcome a visitor to your home who is not a family member, wear a facemask if you cannot keep a physical space or ventilation is inadequate.

When outdoors, wear a mask if you cannot maintain physical distance from others. Examples include crowded markets, crowded streets, and bus stops.

Consider that its use acts as a physical barrier, which does not allow the passage of multiple viruses contained in the tiny droplets of saliva expelled when talking, coughing, or sneezing; also, these can spread in the environment about six meters, meaning a potential danger to uninfected people. The effectiveness of masks will depend on the degree of safety.

Besides, masks are a powerful reminder to keep hands away from the face, so viruses and bacteria must find new ways to enter the body.

Some consider that the use of masks represents a psychological signal of vital importance in people, this reinforces the idea that the threat is real; thus, the more people join to use them, the greater the benefit for all, even more taking into consideration that buildings are quite efficient in the spread of the virus. Among them, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, and schools are the most affected. Therefore, since the masks will be with us for an indefinite period, it is better to get used to the idea of the need to use them, but not to let ourselves be discouraged. You can play with their material, color, and aesthetics, so even though branded faces masks are part of the new uniform, they don’t have to be depressing.