Biggest Gambling Success StoriesIn History

You’ve probably had a few lucky streaks in your life. Maybe you got a few good hands in Poker, and got a handful of cash in the process. Make no mistake, it sure feels good when Lady Lucky looks your way. But what about turning $50 into $40 million? Yes, there are some gamblers that achieve success on a level that defies belief. Though, it isn’t always just luck, of course, that turns a gambler’s fortune. Skill is a big part of it, especially when it comes to betting on sports.

Either way, here is a list of some of the most successful gamblers in history. You may already know some of these names, while others are a bit more obscure. Remember; betting smart and walking away while you’re ahead is perhaps the biggest skill any gambler will learn.

The Greek

You might already know about the famous Las Vegas Run. If you don’t, let’s learn about it now. Archie “The Greek” Karas is a Greek immigrant that hit Las Vegas, only he didn’t have anything to his name except the $50 in his pocket. But, with that $50 he went on a multiple-month gambling spree that eventually transformed the $50 into around $40 million.

Now, before you throw up your hands and call foul, yes there is a lot more to the story than just a few sentences. The Greek did get investments from other players, and he certainly didn’t win every hand of Poker he played. The Run was a long journey, with many ups and downs. In the end, however, it is widely agreed that The Greek won around $40 million in total.

If you haven’t read up about Archie Karas, you really should. His life is a fascinating tale that really does seem like a movie.

Edwin Sherwin

Edwin Sherwin is walking proof that lightning does, in fact, strike twice. Often affectionately known as the luckiest man alive, Sherwin won a progressive jackpot not once, but twice. So, next time you’re discussing just what the real chances of winning a jackpot are, bring up Edwin Sherwin.

The story goes like this; Sherwin takes a trip to Vegas with his family, seeing the sights in his RV. The family, almost ready to leave, takes a break at the famous Mirage Casino. To pass the time Sherwin makes the smart decision to spin a few reels. Before long lights start flashing, indicating that Sherwin has hit a mega-jackpot. The grand total? $4.6 million. It’s enough to change anyone’s life, and Sherwin and his family are beyond themselves with happiness.

A great story, but not the end. 16 years later, with plenty still in his pocket from the last trip, Sherwin heads to Vegas again, this time the Cannery. Here he sits down to play the famous Megabucks slot, and wouldn’t you know it, he hits a second progressive jackpot. Only this time the amount is far, far more, coming in at $21 million. If you’re thinking that Sherwin pumped thousands into the slot machine to get the second jackpot, you’re wrong. He got the win almost immediately.

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Amy Nishimura

This next story is certainly a strange one, but still a story of one of the most successful gamblers in history. Our lady of the hour is Amy Nishimura, and she swears that talking to slot machines is the key to success. Yes, really.

Amy takes annual trips to Las Vegas, using the time to relax, let her hair down, and recharge her batteries. At some point she starts talking to slot machines as she plays them, urging them to treat her well. She insists that her ritual of talking to the machines brings success, even if most of the world is a little sceptical.Amazingly, after some time her ritual pays off. Amy wins a jackpot at the Fremont Casino and walks away with $8.9 million.

Are you thinking about talking to your slot machines? Because we certainly are.

Charles De Ville Wells

Charles De Ville Wells is another fascinating historical figure. Though, Wells hit his success back in the 1800s, long before The Greek ever hit Las Vegas. Wells is well known to have achieved almost unbelievable success at Monte Carlo, with him insisting that he found a gambling formula that is completely infallible. Of course, anyone claiming that they can always win at gambling is a bit suspicious, and few give his claims much credit.

The kicker? Wells did, in fact, manage to walk away with winning in excess of $1 million. In today’s money that equates to about $22 million. So does this mean that he really did find a way to always win at gambling? Probably not. Gamblers of the time, and historians of today, all agree that Wells didn’t find an unbeatable formula, but rather that he found a good way to cheat. So, sadly, there is still no goose that lays golden eggs.

Kerry Packer

You probably know the famous Kerry Packer as a media mogul. But, did you know he is also one of the most successful gamblers in history? To be fair, Kerry Packer always hit the casinos with a few billion in his pocket, so for him finding success is just a matter of hitting wins with a few smart bets.

Either way, Packer once hit the MGM Grand Casino and hit success to the tune of around $40 million. Interestingly, however, it’s known that he spent around $10 million in the process. The staff at the MGM Grand also report that he gave such luxurious tips that his hotel bill sat in the millions. So, it just goes to show, even billionaires can be staggeringly generous at times.

The Mysterious Engineer

Last we have perhaps the most mysterious gambler in history. A person only known as the “Young Engineer” hit an online jackpot of $39.7 million. The person chose to remain anonymous, which is a smart move, but is still one of the biggest jackpot winners in history. What is known for sure is that the smart young engineer chose to have the amount paid in instalments of $1.5 million a year. Another smart move.