Big Fly Fishing Tournament

A few years ago I got really into fly fishing. I enjoyed regular fishing and it just kind of carried into fly fishing when a friend suggested we give it a try. Well, a single try turned into many tries which turned into a full time hobby. We were hooked. No pun intended. 

We got really good at fly fishing, so we entered some local tournaments just to see how it would go. We started doing really well and winning pretty often. We were surprised, but it was also really exciting. This prompted us to look into bigger tournaments. 

We found we wanted to try that was about 6 hours from us. Planning commenced, and part of the way through, we realized our one big dilemma: neither of us had a vehicle with the capacity to bring all of our necessities for a few days and hold our fishing gear safely. That was not going to work.

We obviously had to find a solution because the main point of this trip was to go fishing. We sat down and did some internet scouring and found Trouts Fly Fishing. They sell the Riversmith River Quiver Rod Carrier for 2 rods or 4 rods. 

This product looked like the best option we had found so far based on our research, so we splurged on the 4 rod carrier in case we ever had anyone join us in the future. Better to be prepared. We had a couple of other friends who liked fly fishing and we both wanted kids in the future, so why not?

The carrier was simple for the two of us to install on the top of my truck. It was pretty easy for 2 of us, and I would say it would have been an absolute breeze if we had a 3rd person. The instructions were pretty straightforward and the process went smoothly.

We made the quest to our tournament destination with zero issues at all. Everything stayed perfectly secured and safe. I have no complaints about anything overly noisy either, which could have been really irritating. I was so thankful for that. 

The fact that our trip itself was so seamless and smooth going seemed to contribute to our success in the tournament. We placed in first and third and both took home nice monetary prizes. I definitely recommend visiting Trouts Fly Fishing to make your fly fishing life easier.