The Bfgoodrich tyre was founded by Benjamin Goodrich over 150 years ago. The brand is still one of the most trusted, formidable and durable automobile tyres in the world.
The company was then bought by French company Michellin in 1988 and has grown to be one of the world leading brands in technological innovations in the tracks.

With their robust and radial tire productions, the company deservedly has ascertained its pedigree as the first ever tire to cross the USA. The company has also made an achievement in producing the first tubeless tyres, thereby solidifying it’s claim as one of the most famous for over a century.
BFGoodrich tyres are identified with their complex blend of rubber treading and power which results to durability and performance. With its rugged look and white lettering by the side walls, BFGoodrich tires might just be the best choice for customers looking for quality and affordability at the same time.
BFGoodrich tyres withstand road bump pressure in all extreme weather and environmental condition that road users may face. It is powerful, rigid and most importantly, safe.
The tires are also good for with large vehicles which treats customers to maximum perfomance. The BFGoodrich tyre companies are highly motivated in producing reliable tires for luxury vehicles, heavy duty and construction machineries. E.g. lorries, utility vehicles as well as aircrafts.
BFGoodrich tyres also are made to endure steeper roads and rocky terrains for extreme performance and safety. The company is also known for manufacturing top quality tires that meet the standards of the race tracks in prestigious racing competitions and events across the globe.

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BFGoodrich tires are built of SUVs, heavy duty vehicles and to muscle cars, and are compatible with many popular car brands and are able to survive harsher environments and road surfaces.
The width, height and rim size, are seriously taken in consideration and this ultimately makes it the best choice when looking for quality tires in the city and across the country.
Durability, speed, and load baring power are some of the most important aspect to be considered when getting a new tire for your vehicle today.
This brings you all the comfort and satisfaction you need as well as the free fitting services at your disposal when you purchase BFGoodrich tires today.
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