The cell phone industry is doing wonders and today we all have contemporary smartphones in our hands. Whenever we discuss the digital devices and operating systems android come in our minds first and foremost. The reason behind such immense popularity of the android operating system is user-friendliness and the features. As per the reports, almost 85% of the mobile devices in the world are of android OS. The stats are unbelievable, it means everyone owns mobile device whether a handset or tablet.

Therefore, people, these days are trying to spy on android using different sorts of monitoring software. Groups of peoples like parents and business owners are in desperate need to get their hands on the best software to track the devices of employees and children respectively. Parents want to perform digital parenting to protect teens and kids from cyber predators, inappropriate content and excessive screen time. On the other side, employers are concerned they want to monitor activities of employees within working hours on companies owned devices.

How to spy on an Android phone in 2020?

If you want to track someone’s mobile device and the target device particularly running with the android OS then you have to get your hands on the mobile spy software. It means the very first job you have to do is to find out the best mobile surveillance app. Therefore, you have to perform a couple of steps to get your hands on the best TheOneSpy cellphone spy app. Let’s discuss all the steps in the following.

How to get a phone tracking app to monitor the target device?

The very first job you need to do is to know why you want to do surveillance on someone else device. Let’s suppose you want to do it for the protection of kids and teens online or you want to monitor employee’s activities on the device owned by the company. Now use the web browser of your device connected to the internet. Furthermore, you need to visit the official webpage of the tracking app for digital devices. Once you have got access to the webpage you need to get the subscription online. Besides, you should log in to the email and get the credentials in terms of password and login ID.

How to start the process of installation?

Now you can start the installation process but you have to get the physical access on the target device. From the moment you have the possession of the target device and to the time you have started the installation process it would take a few minutes to end up completely and successfully. After you have ended up with the process of installation you need to activate it on the target device and further login to the online control panel of the surveillance app for android.

How to get access to the web portal of the phone tracking app?

Now you have to use the credentials you have procured after the subscription through an email. Use the password and login ID to get access to the web portal and the dozens of powerful features to get the job done. There are the following mentioned tools that are best in the business and are very effective when it comes to monitoring on digital devices.

Use best tracking app tools to monitor android

Live screen recording

You can remotely monitor the target android device screen in real-time with live screen recording software. Further, record live screen activities in terms of short videos in a series and then the recorded videos deliver to the web control panel of the phone monitoring app for android. You can get access to the dashboard and can view the videos.

Social Media messenger spy app

Social messaging apps and instant messenger logs can be monitored with the social media messenger tracking app. It will provide you the logs of text messages, shared videos, photos, text conversations, and Voice messages logs.

Call recorder

You can record and listen to the live inbound and outbound phone calls with secret call recorder software. Furthermore, you can save the data into a web portal.


Android spying app is the best tool that empowers you to do surveillance on target cell phones and tablets running with the android OS to the fullest.