Best Golf Training Aids

Some of the best golf training aids are the simplest ones. There are even simple objects around the house that can help you get into the swing of things on the green. From training clubs to laser alignment tools, you can find everything you need to become a better golfer.

Training Clubs

A training club is one of the best aids on the market today. Some come with a swing acceleration marker that you place in front of you.  Just load a regulation golf ball into the club and start swinging. These clubs give you instant feedback on your swing and can help you improve in three ways:

  1. Swing Tempo: Learn the proper rhythm for swing timing.
  2. Swing Arc: Develop a wider, rounder swing.
  3. Swing Acceleration: Learn the feel of a smooth, gradual acceleration.

Laser Alignment Device

Laser alignment devices project light beams to help you align your drive. There are two perpendicular lines, like the crosshairs on a rifle, for you to check your ball position, clubface angle, and body alignment during your swing.

Light Clubs to Build Swing Speed

These light clubs that are the same length as a regular club but much lighter and thinner. The shaft helps you develop a smooth, rhythmic swing.

Pressure Putt Trainer

While the other tools reviewed so far rely on high-tech solutions. Many golf training aids take a low-tech approach. Putt trainers are typically made of a specially designed piece of plastic. However, it can give you the perfect touch on a putt.

This training aid has a small incline with an indent at the halfway mark. You need the perfect putt stroke to land the ball in this divot. The parabolic incline simulates an actual green and helps you develop the strength and control to hit the target consistently. Good putts return to your feet, but you must chase the bad ones.

Training Balls

Training balls are bright colors to make them easier to recover. They are made of hard plastic that won’t break the neighbor’s windows or injury unsuspecting passersby. Training balls have a short flight but fly true when you get a satisfying thwack on contact, making them ideal for practicing your chipping with the best golf stand bag by your side!

Golf Simulator

Many of those that are keen on golfing in Spain or anywhere else worldwide are making the smart investment of a golfing simulator to allow them to work on their game at any time they wish. These are a very valuable asset if you play the sport as a fun hobby or competitively. If you live far away from the course or are only available to play when it is dark or rainy, a simulator could be the exact purchase for you.

Benefits of Using the Best Golf Training Aids

Golf is about continuous improvement. These tools help you shave off strokes and swing accurately. Whether you choose high-tech or low-tech gadgets and gizmos, the best golf training aids let you practice safely in the backyard, so your ideal swings become second nature.