Benefits of Requesting Divorce Mediation From a Lawyer!

Divorce is best done if the parties can discuss and agree. If the parties are unable to divorce due to unsuccessful discussions, the party wishing to divorce will apply for divorce mediation. Both the person applying for divorce mediation and the other party can handle it by themselves, or you can ask a divorce lawyer to handle it. Whether or not to ask a lawyer should be decided in the end, considering the merits and precautions of asking a lawyer.

(1) Act as an agent and give an opinion at the divorce mediation

If you ask a lawyer for divorce mediation, he will act on your behalf. If the person wishes, the lawyer will basically be present with the person on the mediation date and respond to the interviews with the mediation committee members.

Even if you are nervous and unable to speak well, the lawyers in Delhi can convey your wishes and opinions to the mediator on your behalf. When it comes to divorce mediation, there is often already distrust and disgust between the parties.

On the mediation date, both sides become emotional and argue with each other, or because of anxiety about their future life, they cannot organize their own thoughts. The advocate near me will be able to respect your feelings and convey your emotional aspects to the mediation committee and calmly grasp, organize, and convey issues.

(2) You can expect favorable discussions in divorce mediation

While a lawyer asks about the situation from the person, the existence of a legal divorce cause (such as the other party’s unfaithful act) that the person is not aware of may be revealed.

Suppose there is a legal cause of divorce, even if the other party does not agree to the divorce and the mediation is unsuccessful. In that case, there is a possibility that a lawsuit will be finally filed, and the court will approve the divorce. , It is better to proactively claim the cause of divorce.

If the mediator acknowledges the existence of a legal cause of divorce, he/she may ask the other party to accept the divorce. Even if there is some kind of objection from the other party, it is possible to refute again if it is legally possible to re-argue after hearing the circumstances from the person himself/herself.

(3) The time required for divorce mediation can be shortened.

In discussions between the parties, it may take time for the mediator to grasp the issue. Still, a calm discussion becomes possible when a lawyer joins the discussion, and the issue can be grasped at an early stage, and the discussion is content. You can take enough time.

In addition, by having a meeting with a lawyer in advance and clarifying the divorce conditions and priorities that you desire in advance, you will resolutely refute the points that you cannot give up, and give up the points that you can make concessions, while also making concessions to the other party. You will be able to have a sharp discussion, such as asking for a lawyer.

(4) Get mental peace of mind

In divorce mediation, you have to go to an unfamiliar place called a family court and explain to a third party, a mediation committee member, about your own divorce cause and other private matters in an easy-to-understand manner.

Some people feel anxiety and stress due to unfamiliar procedures.In addition, divorce mediation can take a long time, so the discussion may not proceed as expected and maybe mentally painful.Attorneys can prepare and submit documents, and if you have any concerns, you can consult with them, which will reduce your physical and mental burden.

Above all, in the extraordinary place of divorce mediation, it seems that you can get a mental sense of security that “a lawyer who is familiar with the law will speak for you” and “you have your own ally.”