Why is it essential to purchase a BedJet V2? You may find it very much uncomfortable to sleep during the hot summer days and would surely struggle to have a comfortable and peaceful sleep every night. A comfortable sleep is not only responsible for a proper rest but at the same time, helps in reviving and rejuvenating your mind and body. But, unfortunately, the more the temperature rises, the more difficult it becomes to have a comfortable sleep.

Although there are a lot of products easily available in the market to help you in getting a cooler night sleep, bedjet v2 is one of the best bed climate conform systems that use the forced air to not only cool but also heat the air surface under your covers.

Why is it important to purchase a BedJet V2?

As per the studies conducted by various top healthcare associations across the world, all of them have concluded that an adult needs to have a peaceful sleep of 7-9 hours a day and it is essential to maintain both your physical and mental well being. Otherwise, you would not only suffer from various short term problems including lack of focus, fatigue and decreased memory function, but also result in serious health issues such as cardiovascular problems such as stroke and diabetes, etc since your body drops in temperature when you are sleeping and also helps to improve circulation as well as healing and once you support optimal sleep temperature i.e. between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit, you are allowing your body to sleep much more naturally.

The amazing BedJet V2 has both the cooling as well as the heating function giving you the independence to choose depending on the season and your specific needs. One of the most important features of this bed jet is that it can not only be operated with the help of a remote, but also has the Bluetooth feature enabled so that you may operate the same through your smartphone after pairing it through the Bluetooth. This bed jet was invented in the year of 2015 by a well known NASA Scientist on a very popular show Shark Tank. Since then it has started gaining popularity and over the years, has become a necessity.

How does the BedJet V2 conduct the process of heating & cooling?

It is very important to know how the BedJet V2 ensures heating and cooling too. In the case of cooling, the ambient air temperature from the nearby surrounding areas is pulled inside the base unit that is situated under or next to your bed. Although the base unit does not do much cooling since the cooler air sinks and hence, the movement of the cooler air close to the floor is being blown against your skin to ensure both convention and evaporative cooling process at the same time that ultimately forces the body to lose heat.

Once you have changed the setting of the BedJet V2 to either warming or turbo warming, it generally heats the air, and also warm air blowing between 85-109 degrees may help in a quick as well as a gradual heating process.

Therefore, it is a very versatile product having a lot of good features built with the help of the latest technologies. It is equally beneficial for summer as well as the winter seasons.