Athletic Wear Wholesale: How to be successful in Australia and Canada?

Custom Athletic Uniforms in Canada and Australia is on the rise, what’s the successful way to buy in bulk there is answered in this post. Wholesale clothing from any supplier or manufacturer you have many things to consider, what are them? Here you can find as well.

Wholesale Athletic Wear or Drop Shipping?

They are 2 models for your athletic apparel business. Wholesale athletic wear you need to buy clothes in volume (bulk) but at a discounted price, the dropshipping model doesn’t require you to stock athletic clothing, but it won’t give you much profit on selling.

Buying wholesale is a good choice for new e-commerce owners because it is easy. First, the athletic wear you purchase is already sold in the market. Moreover, you don’t have to buy the largest number of clothes, and the minimum order number depends on the manufacturer and the clothing style, but they are usually very reasonable.

Dropshipping is the process of selling products directly to customers without inventory. Drop shipper needs to rely on third-party suppliers to receive orders and send products directly to customers. To do drop shipping athletic wear business, there is no need to pre-purchase inventory and manage inventory. You aren’t actually paying for the athletic apparel until they’re sold.

The downside, price. Dropshipping can never deliver you the price that wholesale does. In my eyes, if you just want to test some new styles, you can choose dropshipping at a time. But if you choose to a long-term business, wholesale athletic wear is the most profitable model.

Inventory makes you are fast response, fast shipping, and self-confident in selling, relying on the third-party to deliver your orders is very risky for athletic wear startups.

Wholesale Athletic Wear from Suppliers or Factories?

Never order from “Middlemen” if you have direct factories or manufacturers’ choices. In fact, some athletic wear wholesalers in your countries are the “Brokers”, they bought from the blank version of athletic apparel from Chinese clothing factories or manufacturers and processed in their own domestic warehouses.

When you ordered from these athletic apparel wholesale suppliers, you are charged 2 times, one is for the factory, the other is for the supplier. So if you can find reliable athletic wear manufacturers or factories online, it’s lower-cost to wholesale from them directly. They may send you overseas, but they will give you more styles, more types, and more customization space.

What’s the best type of athletic wear to wholesale?


Sports bras

A sports bra is the most essential sports gear for women. 100% cotton sports bras can prevent the accumulation of sweat and moisture. They are usually tighter than regular bras. Hence, providing support to saggy breasts during a high-intensity workout, running, or playing an outdoor sport.


Tank tops

A Tank top is less like a top and more like an undershirt worn by men and women both. They look best with dress shirts and suits. However, they are traditionally worn by men and women as sportswear gear. Tank tops have large neck holes and armholes to ensure durability and performance on the go. As they are made of breathable fabric, they do not allow the sweat to reside on the body’s surface during an intense workout session.



They are good for men and women who want an alternative to yoga pants. Sports leggings are often high-waisted and extend to your knees or ankles. They are made with durable and water-repellent fabric to absorb all the moisture and sweat from your body. Running leggings fit tightly to your skin, just like a second skin. Not only do they provide additional support to your muscles but also improves leg posture and blood circulation.



A high-quality pair of pants is another vital sports gear that can affect your performance as well as efficiency. When it comes to choosing a pair of perfect sports pants, one needs to ensure that it is expandable, comfortable, durable, robust, and of high-quality.

Is it a must to wholesale customized or private label athletic wear?

Custom-made athletic wear is nowadays trendy as well. If you have a good idea or good design, of course, you can ask the wholesaler to custom and manufacture your own unique athletic apparel. But before that, you should do market research, how many people will be interested in your design? will these people buy athletic clothes online? Is your design fitting the current fashion trend? And do not worry, if you don’t know which styles of athletic clothing are popular, Berunwear can show you their latest products and you can choose from them. Berunwear is a 15-year old active wear wholesale manufacturer in China, it’s very keen to the most recent fashion and release 100+ new styles each month.

I will recommend private-label athletic wear to every one of you. Because with unbranded clothing, you can’t add more value, so you can’t get more margin. But with private label branded clothes, you can build your brand, win customer loyalty and gain more sales profits.

Where to wholesale athletic wear in Canada and Australia?

Berunwear company, one of the best sites to wholesale athletic wear, gym clothes, fitness apparel, sports clothing, and activewear in Canada and Australia. Even though it’s not shipping from there, it can offer you high-quality men’s athletic wear, women’s athletic wear, plus size athletic wear, blank athletic wear, and compression athletic wear.

As an experienced and efficient clothing manufacturer, Berunwear cuts your cost, improves your quality, speeds up your turnaround, and increases your styles when you are wholesaling athletic wear from the company.

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