Alternative Way to Pack Out Your Meat On Your Next Hunting Trip


If you’re a hunter, then you understand that the easiest part of it all is the actual hunting. The hardest part however, is having to carry over a hundred pounds of meat on your back, sometimes for miles back to your vehicle. If you want to make your hunting experience easier, then consider buying a deer cart today.

What Is a Deer Cart?

This is a light cart build from both bicycle and motorized components. It looks like a wheel with a cart! It looks simple because it is. The non-motorized edition is a great way to carry your everyday backpacking items through rough terrain without having to ruin your back.

Why a Deer Cart?

If you want to carry big game such as deer or elk, then the motorized option is the right choice. It even has brakes to help you maintain control even on the steepest of terrain.

Where Can I Find One?

There is a company that will cover all of your deer cart needs. This device is all about convenience. These single-wheel game carts transfer the weight of your heavy supplies away from your shoulders, knees, and hips. All joints that need to be protected if you want to hunt long term. They sell ultra light-weight packs for all types of people, whether it be for hunting, hiking, or camping. Whether you’re big or small. They’ve got you covered.

Alternative Ways to Pay

This company understands that sometimes doing what you love costs a lot of money. That’s why they offer a layaway program. Pay 25% of the cost upfront, and then you will have 120 days to pay the price in full. If you’re short of funds but hunting season is right around the corner, then the layaway program is a great alternative.

Make the Change Today

Take on your next hunting trip like a champ. There’s no reason to make an enjoyable activity like hunting more difficult than it has to be. This is an eco-friendly way to pack out your meat, and it’ll save your back. It’s a win-win. Give this company a visit to their website today or give them a call.

Looking for an easier way to pack out your meat on a hunting trip? Pack Wheel offers motorized and non-electric deer carts that will make your next hunting trip a breeze when it comes to carrying your meat, and gear. They also have a layaway program to help you secure the Pack Wheel you have had your eye on for your next adventure.

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