Advantages and Disadvantages of Vinyl Flooring

When designing a home, every element counts. This doesn’t just mean picking the colours and styles that your house will have, it also means you should be careful about choosing the materials that you will use for, say, your flooring. Flooring materials aren’t just responsible for making your floors more durable or damage-resistant, it can also contribute a lot to the aesthetics of your house. Choosing the wrong type of flooring may give your home a drastically different appearance from the one that you actually want.

What are the top choices for floorings and what should you choose?

 Fortunately for homeowners, there is a multitude of flooring options to choose from, and each material has its own upsides and downsides. If you want to go for a more classic option, wooden floorings give your home a warm and inviting finish. Stone floors can make your house look more elegant, and ceramic tiles are the flooring of choice in bathrooms and other areas of the house.

But if you want a popular, durable, and relatively more affordable option, why not as a vinyl flooring supplier for their best options?

What is vinyl flooring and how is it better than the other options?



Vinyl flooring is a type of flooring made out of synthetic materials. These synthetic materials can vary, but most vinyl flooring is made out of PVC vinyl, fibreglass, and other artificial materials. If you’re looking for an easy to install material that can last a long time, then you should definitely look into vinyl flooring.

Another reason why vinyl flooring is so popular is that this material is highly versatile. As synthetic materials, they can be made to emulate all sorts of materials. You can even find several types of vinyl wood flooring that can be confused with real wooden planks for flooring. Other types may simulate the look of linoleum. There are certain kinds of luxury vinyl tiles that are making waves in the market today due to their appearance.

Another upside to vinyl flooring is that vinyl is much more resistant to moisture and water. Modern vinyl is much thicker in the past, which means that its properties of water resistance has only gotten better. Because of this, vinyl might be more ideal for outdoor locations and humid or rainy places such as Singapore.

The various upsides and downsides of vinyl flooring


Still don’t know if you should choose vinyl flooring over other floor materials? Here are some pros and cons of vinyl flooring that you should consider.

There’s a reason why people love vinyl flooring so much. As stated above, it’s water resistant almost to the point of being waterproof; it’s durable, being made of plastics that can last for several years; and it’s affordable, much more so than the wood and other natural materials that it emulates. Best of all, they come in many appearances and styles, meaning that you can find practically anything that you can think of. From vinyl tiles to imitation wood vinyl, all you need to do is discuss options with your supplier and interior designer.

But vinyl flooring does have a few drawbacks too. This type of floor material is synthetic, meaning it’s not made with natural materials. The process for manufacturing vinyl flooring makes use of toxic and unnatural chemicals. Badly made vinyl floor tiles and other flooring made of vinyl can be harmful to nearby furniture and give off gases. Another drawback is that it is much more difficult to repair vinyl floorings as compared to other types of flooring. Expect scratches or cracks to be hard to repair. And lastly, compared to more classic and traditional flooring, the value that they add to the house (if you are planning to resell) is minimal.

Is vinyl appropriate for your home?


Like all purchase decisions, you need to be practical. If you’re planning to take on vinyl flooring, make sure that you have carefully weighed your options before deciding to purchase them. Also, to avoid any of the drawbacks of installing vinyl in your home, you should already be checking on trustworthy vinyl flooring suppliers in Singapore. Even if vinyl is supposed to be cheap and affordable, you might as well get the best flooring material that you can find so that you’ll have the best experience when using your spaces with vinyl flooring.

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