8 Hair Care And Hair Products Mistakes In Singapore

Hair is often associated with beauty. Ladies with long and thick hair were deemed beautiful. But as years passed, the definition of beauty has not been based on hair alone. Some women have shaved heads and look beautiful, whilst some men have long and luscious hair maintained by tons of hair products in Singapore.

Regardless of your hairstyle, whether curly or mohawk, the most important thing is to take your hair care seriously. Otherwise, your hair will get damaged and eventually go bald.

Unfortunately, there are habits that we unconsciously do that actually damage our hair. This article will lay down all these mistakes for your awareness.

8 Common Hair Care Mistakes And Improper Use Of Hair Care Products In Singapore

Have you ever seen the video, or perhaps, the journey of a woman who glued her hair using a Gorilla Glue in an attempt to gel it down? It was not a pleasant experience for her. Hopefully, you don’t get the same experience as you continue to make these mistakes.

MISTAKE #1: Over- and under-washing your hair

People finish tons of hair products in Singapore in a year, including the best anti hair loss shampoo. But how often should you shampoo your hair?

Our scalp is naturally oily. It provides protection and nourishment to your hair. Washing your hair more often than necessary strips your hair of this oil. The result? Your hair will become dry wire-like.

On the other hand, not washing your hair has terrible effects, too. Too much oil in the scalp results in the buildup and, later on, dandruff.

The key is to determine your oil production. People with excessive oil production on their scalp should wash their hair at least daily. Those who are not can wash their hair every other day.

MISTAKE #2: Using harsh shampoos

Shampoos are not equal. Some use formulas that resolve falling hair, while others prevent dandruff.

What happens if you use harsh shampoos? Firstly, it impedes hair growth. You might end up needing a hair growth serum in Singapore.

Secondly, harsh shampoos damage and dry out your hair, making it susceptible to breakage.

Be careful when using silicone and alcohol-based shampoos. Organic shampoos are safe options as well.

MISTAKE #3: Improper hair brushing

Are you one of the people who get scared when they see thick hair entangled with the brush? Many people are unaware of the correct and incorrect ways of brushing your hair.

The incorrect way of brushing your hair is starting at the top of your head. It increases the risk of ripping your hair off your scalp.

Secondly, never try to detangle your hair using your brush; use your hand instead.

Lastly, do not brush your hair when wet. Many people are guilty of this mistake. The hair is fragile when wet, making it susceptible to hair breakage.

The correct way of brushing your hair is from starting at the bottom to up. It is advisable to brush your hair at least once a day. Did you know that proper brushing your hair has benefits, too? This activity massages the scalp, which has been found to stimulate hair growth! Who knew the best hair growth serum could be your brush?

Hair brushing also helps distribute oil in the hair!

MISTAKE #4: Towel drying


Many ladies wrap their hair with a towel to dry and avoid dripping water. Towel fabrics can be harsh on the hair, causing them to frizz and break.

Instead, opt for a softer fabric like cotton which is commonly used on shirts!

MISTAKE #5: Air drying your hair

If towel drying is not okay, is air drying a safer option? Not really, as it causes split ends. The hair has two parts; inside each strand is the cortex. The thing that wraps around the cuticle is called the cuticle, similar to what you find in fingernails.

Do you know why hair is fragile when wet? When the hair is damp, the cortex swells, weakening the cuticle surrounding it until bursts, ergo split ends.

A weak cuticle is also why hair is prone to breakage when wet. So besides using the best hair growth serum, protect your hair by keeping your hair dry.

MISTAKE #6: Using heat styling equipment

It is safe to dry your hair using a hair dryer or blower. But avoid using heat styling equipment, such as hair irons and curlers, frequently. The heat makes your hair overly dry. They also start becoming frizzy and entangled, which hair products in Singapore may not solve.

As much as possible, avoid using heat styling equipment every day.

MISTAKE #7: Sleeping with your hair wet

Some superstitions say sleeping with wet hair is bad for your health as it brings flu and colds. Technically it is true, but it will not cause flu or cold.

Sleeping with wet hair causes fungal growth. Some fungi live on our scalp. Your wet hair and pillow lock in moisture on the scalp— a perfect environment for fungi to grow.

Moreover, as mentioned, the hair is fragile when wet. People tend to move around when asleep. The movement increases the friction between the hair and pillow, causing hair breakage.

If you are currently using a hair growth serum in Singapore, avoid sleeping with wet hair to prevent breakage of your hair.

MISTAKE #8: Not drinking enough water

Did you know that the food we eat also affects hair health? Dehydration impedes hair growth and weakens the strands, making them prone to breakage.

Drinking an adequate amount of water improves hair growth, strengthens the hair, and retains its moisture.

Water still remains the best hair growth serum in Singapore.


Are you guilty of these mistakes? If so, stop them immediately, before the last of your hair falls off. The key to healthy hair is proper care and usage of the appropriate hair products in Singapore.

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