7 Tips for Entertaining Important Clients

Many business owners entertain important clients outside of the office, which makes for a more casual feel to proceedings. However, despite optics, these outings aim to secure business, funding, or partnership, which is why everything from first impressions to communication has to be perfect. 

Do Your Homework

If you go into any meeting blind, you’ll fail. Therefore, you should spend time researching the client to find out what they enjoy. After all, what works for one client might not translate to another. Before you come out and ask them directly, social media is a fantastic place to start. Instagram can tell you where they like to hang out and Facebook may indicate what their “Likes” are. For example, if you see they like Italian food, it’s safe to assume terrarossa-restaurant.co.uk in Islington is a safe bet.

Consider Personal Strengths

Knowing what your client enjoys will boost your chances of success, but you also need to keep in mind your strengths. After all, there’s no point in putting yourself out of your comfort zone just to appease a client. Therefore, you should think carefully about finding activities that bring both sets of interests together. When you’re both in comfortable surroundings, the business part of the outing is more likely to be successful. 

Build Rapport with the Staff

If you take important clients out regularly, try to build a rapport with the staff at places you frequent. For example, if you visit a certain restaurant, become familiar with the managers and staff to improve your chances of making a fantastic first impression. After all, considering the amount of business you’ll be bringing in, they’re more likely to go above and beyond to impress your client. 

Go Somewhere Different

If your important client goes on a lot of business meetings, jumping through the same hoops will become mundane. Therefore, you should shake things up by doing unique activities. For example, instead of hitting the golf course, consider hiring a yacht for the day and getting set with a BBQ – the chilled-out vibes of the ocean may help your cause. 

Dress for the Occasion

First impressions are made or broken within seconds of a meeting, so make sure you’re dressed and suitable for the occasion. Even though your communication throughout the meeting will influence impressions, it’s that first opinion that tends to stick. 

Give Your Full Attention to the Client

Quirky experience and matched attire will only get you so far. Therefore, you need to ensure your manners are up to par. Throughout the entire meeting, your client should have your full undivided attention. Ensure you’re listening properly, responding to their questions, and asking appropriate questions in return. 

Check In Afterwards

Once the meeting has wrapped, it’s important to follow up afterwards. You don’t need to do anything lavish – simply sending a thank you email will do. This extra care and attention will help in your favour. 

Important client business meetings are all about first and lasting impressions, so make sure you choose exciting activities, be 100% attentive, and try to break away from the ordinary.