7 Expert Tips On How To Buy The Best Olive Oil Without Breaking The Bank

Some online articles already talk about the benefits of using olive oil. There has been much evidence of how this can support better holistic health. We want to focus on helping you find the best option in today’s market without breaking the bank.

Look at the type of bottle it is in

Whenever you buy products at the grocery, it is always important to check the packaging. When buying olive oil, look at the type of bottle it is in. Your goal to ensure you don’t break the bank when buying olive oil is to look for quality olive oil, so you don’t waste every penny. When it comes to bottles, opt for darker ones to protect the oil from light.

Review the Best by Date

Most products on the shelves will have a Best by Date. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Unlike wine, which follows the rule “the older, the better,” olive oils are better when it’s fresher. Of course, there are several external factors to keep in mind when you’re buying olive oil. For example, the date on the bottle is only as reliable as the product following proper storage conditions.

Know your type of oil

There are several types of olive oil and not all are the same. We have extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, olive oil, light olive oil, and olive pomace oil. It’s important to understand the differences between each of these and what you intend to do with the oils to choose the better one that’s worth every penny.

Look into the polyphenol levels

As mentioned, you need to focus on the quality of the product. With that, the healthiest is always the best option. To identify which type is the healthiest, look into the polyphenol levels of the olive oil. A good trick here is to look for one that is bitter and pungent.

Look at the certifications

Another thing to keep in mind so that you can ensure that you have bought quality olive oil is the certifications that the product comes with. Check the packaging and labels and look for certifications from any governing organizations. It is always best to check the country of origin and get your olive oils from the best olive-oil producing countries.

Taste and smell the oil

We have mentioned the importance of looking at polyphenol levels when it comes to shopping for olive oils. Another good trick is to taste and smell the oil. This will help you discern the taste and flavor that you want.

Know how to store olive oils

For our last reminder, you need to know how to store your olive oil properly. You can invest in a very expensive brand but improper storage conditions will ruin your olive oil.

As we have explained earlier, the best way to buy olive oil without breaking the bank is to ensure that what you’re buying is of top-notch quality.