6 Event Planning Skill Every Planner Should Possess

If you think a career as an event planner is a fun job then you might need to rethink it because event planning is more than just attending and managing parties, it requires relevant skills and experience and lots of patience to deal with other people. There are different types of events like birthday parties, weddings, grand opening JB, conferences, etc. If you are a hard-working individual who likes to stay busy all the time and loves to stay organized then this might be a perfect career for you. To become a successful event planner, everyone should have these 6 skills.

  1. Communication

 You should have good communication skills not just in the English language but in the regional language as well because you might not always have well-educated high-class clients all the time and not all know English so if you talk to them in their regional language, they will be more impressed with you. Event Plannermy have very skilled staff who knows different languages, this way they maintain a good relationship with their clients. 

  • Organisational skills- 

To become a successful event planner, you should always be organized, always stick to the plan, and try to cope up with your team members to avoid any chaos. Teams of event Plannermy are very much organized and well planned. 

  • Problem-Solving- 

Nothing in this world comes problem-free, you don’t know what is going to happen next and not everything can be under your control all the time. If you have good problem-solving skills then you can make any event successful. Event Plannermy trains their team members to become more expert in solving problems and they come out from every situation very easily. 

  • Cool head- 

Well, it is not much of a professional skill but it is also one of the most important things if you are an event planner or work under an event planning company. Things might go out of the plan but you have to remain cool in all situations otherwise everything will get out of control. 

  • Ask your client- 

Sometimes event planners don’t discuss things with their clients and things get messed up. It is always advisable to communicate with your clients and ask what they want to add to the program or if they want any extra changes. Even if the task is impossible to perform you have to be calm and reply professionally. 

  • Negotiating and budgeting- 

Event planning is all about bargaining because you have to deal with many suppliers and service providers. To be on the budget you have to make sure that you don’t pay more to anyone. Negotiating is not an easy task; it requires confidence and tactics so you have to be prepared before talking with the suppliers. Event management Johar Bahru company Event Plannermy has a different team for different tasks, all of them are specialized in different categories so that they could pay attention to every task carefully.