5 Unexpected Uses of Hydraulic Systems

When you think of where you can find a hydraulic system the first thing that comes to mind is probably a high powered hydraulic press. Popularized by online videos, hydraulic presses might be the most popular, but there are plenty of other hydraulics out there that might just surprise you. Here are 5 unexpected uses of hydraulic systems.

Air seeder

This might be the first time you’ve heard of an air seeder, but they are common on farms across the world. Air seeders are industrial farm vehicles that use an hydraulic system spread seeds and fertilizer over farmland. They can be small enough for hobby farms or large enough for high yield fields.


The car you drive every day just might have its own hydraulic system. Modern suspension systems have gone way beyond the basic springs of yesteryear. Today, personal vehicles are likely to have hydraulic suspensions where each wheel has its own hydraulic suspension. This lets each wheel handle its own bumps and lets the overall system of the vehicle.

Hedge cutter

Hedge cutters are essentially gigantic versions of that hedge trimmer that’s in your garage. Instead of being used to shape the fine detail or a smaller hedge like the one in your yard, these machines are used to trim large hedges quickly. They use hydraulics to power their cutting blades and maneuver them around the hedge.


A recent invention in the world of refrigeration uses hydraulics to keep things cool. Most refrigeration uses cooling chemicals like CFCs to keep things nice and cold, but this new system uses compressed vapors to do the same job. These vapors are compressed using hydraulics. The next generation of home fridges just might be hydraulic powered!


Turbines are all over the world. They are one of the most common systems for producing energy for all our daily uses. Turbines can be found in conventional dams, geothermal power plants, and wind turbines. Allthese use natural occurring sources of power to turn a turbine and convert a natural power source into usable energy. Even when the hydraulic turbines aren’t generating the power, they are often directing the angle of the fan blades or other parts of the machinery.

Hydraulics are everywhere. They can be found in your car’s suspension, growing our food, keeping our yards looking tidy, keeping the latest fridges cool, and even powering our electrical needs.