5 Types of Awnings to Get in Salt Lake City


Commercial awnings, generally located at the entrance to a store or restaurant, serve as a business partner in first impressions. Depending on the quality and design, commercial awnings can either draw in or push away potential customers. They offer coverage from rain and solar heat, protecting window displays and keeping the store’s interior cool. In Salt Lake City, covered patios and intricate outdoor spaces can increase gross profits by up to sixty-five percent. Commercial awnings can come in multiple patterns and colors or even be branded to include a specific company’s logo or colors. Sharp’s Tarps offers rigid commercial awnings with many applications and frame styles. Consider ordering a commercial canopy to improve store appearance and overall business revenue.


While drapes can serve as sufficient protection from the sun in a home, they block the natural light that residents adore. Residential awnings are tailored to individual homes and their positioning relevant to the sun. They reduce solar heat while still allowing daylight to illuminate a home’s interior. Sharp’s Tarps in Salt Lake City supplies and installs residential awnings in various fabrics, styles, and colors.

Cable Slider

Cable slider shades combine the convenience of awnings with the versatility of open space. Available in canvas, mesh, and other materials, cable slider shades can be integrated into existing structures or implemented in areas without structure. Easily retracted, stored, and reinstalled, they can provide mild weather protection without getting in the way of a nice, warm day. Sharp’s Tarps has provided custom cable slider shades for companies and homes alike, introducing convenient gathering areas for customers and families.


Outdoor covers are a great way to protect outdoor appliances such as an air conditioning unit, barbeque unit, fountain, outdoor kitchen, and furniture. Solid-colored canvas covers create a neat, cohesive look, while patterned covers add a splash of character to the yard while appliances are not being used. At Sharp’s Tarps in Salt Lake City, all outdoor covers are measured on-site and custom-fit.


Most often seen on decks, porches, and patios, retractable awnings are made with a lightweight aluminum frame and customized outdoor fabric. At Sharp’s Tarps in Salt Lake City, retractable awnings last up to 12 years, and replacement costs less than one-third of the original cost. In addition, they can generally withstand light rain and winds of up to twenty-five miles per hour. In harsher weather, they’re easily retracted and protected.

Sharp’s Tarps, located in Salt Lake City, provides awnings, tarps, and covers, and has done so for over forty years.