5 Tips to Improve Your Career Development

The issue of building and developing a career will always be relevant. Career advancement is not given to everyone, and not only professional growth depends on this, but also the level of salary and motivation. Is it possible to influence your own career? We prepared for you 5 tips on how to not get stuck in one place for many years and improve your career development.

1. Sincere love for the work you do

The practice has shown that this is a fairly significant factor, and the success of building a career in most cases depends on peace of mind and complete satisfaction with the job. That is why it is so important to choose the right future profession that you like, and not to please your parents or follow trends. Only when the choice is correct you can think and plan your career. In an area of ​​activity that you sincerely hate, it is almost impossible to make a career.

2. A sincere desire to achieve career growth in a specific enterprise

It is also a significant factor on which promotion directly depends. A positive attitude, a desire to get the necessary experience, complete self-confidence, a sincere conviction that you really deserve stable career advancement, and you will definitely achieve it – you will definitely give your adequate positive result. Your mindset should literally be attuned to achieving the desired position.

3.  Continuous professional development and professional growth

Tireless self-improvement, constant search and acquisition of new professional knowledge is your driving force in the real achievement of your goal. You should not rely solely on the experience and knowledge that you get in one way or another at the place of your work. Make sure to get the best rto materials to constantly improve your qualifications.

Learn how to independently track innovations, and then implement the necessary positive experience of other companies, be sure to analyse bad or negative experiences.

Any constructive analysis of your competitors’ activities also plays a very important role in your own professional growth, for which the most sincere desire to significantly improve the quality of your work is essential.

4. Communication skills and the ability to get along with colleagues 

Of course, professionalism and the ability to quickly perform official tasks are highly valued, but if a person cannot work in a team, is a source of frequent conflicts, criticises colleagues and bosses, behaves too arrogantly, then career growth, in this case, is definitely not expected. Even in spite of all possible merits, such a brawler will be pushed further away, and if the opportunity arises, they will simply say goodbye to them.

At the workplace, normal relationships with colleagues should be smooth and friendly, and this is absolutely logical because this way it is much more effective to do a common tasks together and work as a team. 

  1. The ability to accept and listen to constructive criticism and to appreciate important comments 

Even the greatest professionals and the most successful people are absolutely not immune to criticism and remarks addressed to them, but they can listen to them with dignity and reasonably apply them in practice.

But make sure to learn to distinguish between biased attacks and truly constructive criticism. Such comments can be made by a serious professional, so they can really be useful to you also because they relate exclusively to the work process. And various aggressive attacks are very often a typical manifestation of elementary envy, and you need to learn to just ignore them.

Special advice

Very often, people who are looking for a serious career building are offered a higher position in another organisation – and this is nothing unusual because the news about good professionals in a certain field spreads quite quickly.

And then a person faces a rather difficult choice: take a really interesting offer and leave or stay and wait patiently for a similar vacant position to appear in his “native” company. It is incredibly difficult to advise something specific in such a situation. Just weigh all the nuances and decide if you are ready, taking them into account, to move to another place of work?

It is usually very difficult to build a career in small organisations, because people have been working in their positions for years and, as a rule, are not going to go anywhere. Therefore, qualified specialists here “grow” much faster than there are vacant positions suitable for career growth. In large companies, staff rotation is a common thing, so building a career in them is more realistic.


The question of the correct career-building worries not only recent graduates of various educational institutions, but also serious professionals who have been working in one place for quite a long time, and do not receive any advancement in the career ladder.

For any person, such a move is very important – after all, it proves his self-sufficiency and at the same time is an excellent incentive for further professional growth.

Jack Kewell is writer, science editor, naturalist, entrepreneur. He is focused on writing and illustrating books. Also, he is a regular contributor on mountaintechblog