5 Signs of Water Leakage in Your House

Broken water systems can cause untold losses and damages if not detected early.  The water leakages can weaken and crumble streets and consequently flood the house. While some leaks are visible, others are champs at hide-and-seek and need a seasoned plumber to seal. 

If you experience leaking systems, water damage Layton UT will get you sorted.  Use the following tips to help you identify water leakage signs.


  • Increased water bill


It is advisable to monitor your water bills every so often. If you realize a significant change in the average monthly consumption, without explained differences in the consumption, you may blame water leakage.

Gather and study water bills for the last few months and study the trend. The statements should remain on a steady average for all the months. The month with an increase could indicate the time the leakage began.

It may be impossible to detect underground leaking. You will need to hire a professional plumber to help you out.


  • Running Water Meter


If your water meter is continually running, it will change the reading to reflect the continued consumption. Shut off all the water taps and all other outlets, then keenly study how the meter reading changes during that period. 

If the meter reading keeps running and changing, you have a reason to worry and call in the plumber.


  • Presence of Mold and Mildew


Constant wetness is the perfect condition that supports mold and mildew growth. As much as you scrub and dry your bathroom daily, it is possible to have a few pieces of mold and mildew growing. 

However, if you spot mold growing in areas that are not always wet, you may be experiencing leakage in your home. Check the floor, ceiling and behind the door. The presence of mold in the non-shower area may indicate leaking water in your premises.


  • Musty smell


Surfaces that are always wet or moist have a characteristic musty smell. If one of your rooms has a musty smell, it is advisable to clean it thoroughly, let it dry, and after that inspect it. Should the room still smell musty, it may indicate leaking water in some concealed pipes and systems. 

Also, if waste is not getting sufficient water pressure to push it through the entire system, you’re bound to have an unpleasant odor in the house.


  • Proof of water damaged areas


Just like fire, water is a good servant but a poor master. When water continually runs through an area, it causes damages such as rots, mold, and warps. Water can compromise the quality of the walls, doors, ceilings, and floors.

One clear sign of water leakage is a damp drywall and wet rings on the ceiling. If left unattended for a long time, such leakages can cause significant damage to the ceiling and other parts of the house.

If you locate bubbling on the wall, chipping of paint, or warping the walls, you need to call in a professional to further check for entire home water systems.


Call a professional plumber near you to fix water leakage problems in the home. Do-it-Yourself, water repairs can be frustrating.