5 Reasons to Choose Hanstone Quartz


If you’re looking for the perfect material for your next countertop project, choosing the right quartz is key to both promoting durability and the aesthetic of your design. Here are five reasons why Hanstone quartz should be your top choice.

1. Over 90% of it is natural quartz Hanstone quartz is 93% natural quartz crystals, which gives it a beautiful appearance and quartz’s natural hardness. It’s combined with polyester resin and additional colors to mimic the look of true stone without requiring maintenance that natural stone demands.

2. It is stronger than granite These crystals rank 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means your countertops are going to last. Granite is only a 6.5/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

3. It doesn’t need to be sealed, conditioned, or polished  With the polyester resin and pigmentation added to the quartz crystals, Hanstone quartz is ready to be shaped, placed, and left in its new home without needing additional maintenance from either the installation point of view for the long-term owner’s end. While other materials might need to be sealed, conditioned, or polished, Hanstone quartz just needs to be installed.

4. It is heat, bacteria, stain and scratch resistant  This makes it perfect for bathroom countertops, where Hanstone quartz can really shine. From curling irons to heavy decorations to spilled toothpaste, nothing will faze Hanstone quartz, which makes it a perfect choice no matter the bathroom countertop.

5. It comes in several different colors and textures  If the aesthetics of your project are incredibly important to you, you should know that you won’t have to sacrifice your aesthetic preferences when using Hanstone quartz. Thanks to the added pigmentation and polyester resin, Hanson quartz is able to come in dozens of different designs and textures. When you talk with your materials distributor, like Edgebanding Services, they will be able to help you find the perfect color and texture for your particular project without sacrificing the high-quality finish and material of Hanstone quartz.

Choosing the right material is key to the success of any project. When working with a materials distributor like Edgebanding Services, you will be able to access high-quality materials like Hanstone quartz in the quantities necessary to get your job done. You can be assured that these valuable materials will be handled with the utmost security and care, so that when you receive your Hanstone quartz for your project, it is in the best condition possible.

Edgebanding Services distributes hanstone quartz to builders and fabricators.