5 Great Wedding Themes to Consider for your 2023 Wedding

If you and your soulmate are planning to make your union official this year, you are probably thinking about a suitable theme that fits your personality. Going to a themed wedding reception adds a layer of enjoyment and amusement, as all guests comply and wear outrageous outfits. 

If you have no favourite in mind, here are some popular wedding themes to give you some inspiration.

    1. Garden wedding – Many couples prefer a summer wedding in an elegant traditional garden, with guests wearing formal vintage clothing. With Melbourne champagne fountain hire, you can have a major feature that everyone will love. Roses and carnations can be ordered from a reputable florist, along with bouquets for the bridesmaids; let’s hope you choose a dry day!
    2. Vintage wedding – Everyone wears 1920s style clothing and with Art Deco influence and jazz music, you have the perfect period wedding reception. The 1960s or 70s could be classed as a vintage theme, which is very popular here in Australia; those who are of marrying age would have parents from the 60s and 70s and they would love the chance to dress up once more in flared trousers and button-down shirts.
    3. Barn wedding – Why not go completely rural and rent a barn at a nearby farm to hold your wedding party? Denim dungarees and checked shirts are the order of the day, with a live country band and every one square dancing. This would likely involve furniture hire and also a caterer who can work on-site, while portable hospitality restrooms can also be rented.
  • Beach wedding – If you are both beach lovers, what better place to say your vows than a stunning beach; there are wedding companies that can arrange everything on your behalf. Why not combine Christmas and your wedding, with a double beachside celebration, then you can head to a nearby disco. 
  • Futuristic wedding – If you are a sci-fi freak, you can create a 22nd-century wedding party, where guests wear metallic garments that look like they belong on Star Trek; you could even bring ET into the picture.

The internet can help you locate venues and vendors; there are only a few months to go until summer, so get started by choosing a wedding theme.