5 Essential Things A Recording Studio Must Have

Professional recording studios are very different from your home recording studio. They use a high-quality and advanced technology which helps in producing better and qualitative music. Every recording studio is different and uses various gears and equipment. But there are certain equipment that every studio must-have. 

So here are the 5 essential things that a recording studio shouldn’t miss out on:

  • Different Types Of Mics- Microphones are the foremost thing you buy when you open a recording studio. There are different types of mics that are used while song recording. Just make sure there are at least the basic ones available. USB mics will be very useful as you don’t need an audio interface as it gets directly transferred to your computer then. Since there will be a lot of vocal recordings, you definitely need a condenser mic as well. There are more such mics, which are important in a recording studio.

  • Good Mixers- Even though you have a DAW to do the work of a mixer, you still need to have one good mixer if you want to record simultaneously from more than one source than the channels on your audio interface. There are different types of mixers like Analog, Digital, and Summing mixers. It depends on you which one you want to use in your studio. Mixing and mastering are a very important part of music production. In this regard, Songmill Studios mixing & mastering solutions have helped in creating some of the superhit songs.

  • DAW Controllers- These are nothing but the hardware used to control your Digital Audio Workstation. These can also be apps or software running on your tablets or iPads. It makes your workflow efficient and is also useful when your control room and the sound booth are separate and you are recording on your own.

  • Studio Monitors- These are some of the most important things in any recording studio. They help you provide flat frequencies that humans can hear. Using studio monitors will give you the most accurate results needed to hear warts and hence help in the best mix possible.

  • MIDI Keyboard- When you are using the best computer to produce music, you also need to have a good keyboard. Using Music Instrumental Digital Interface keyboards help you compose music with ease on your computer. 

Likewise, there are many more equipment used in a professional studio, these being the most important ones.