4 Ways the First Impression still Counts in the Job Hunt Process

Many people have argued that the first impression no longer counts in the recruitment and job hunt process. The idea put forward is that recruiters and company human resources have already Googled you or gone to social media to see who you are if they’re interested in hiring you. This article shows why this is not necessarily the case and that the first impression still counts in the recruitment process and how to make use of it.

The application process

The application that you submit is one of the first impressions you can make in your job hunt that will count. Firstly, it needs to be submitted on time and before the closing date and time and then also needs to have been completed to the best of your ability. Don’t rush this process and ensure that you have set aside sufficient time to fill in the application and complete all the questions as required. You need to show your relevance to the job, but also that you have read and understood what the company does and why you’re interested in working for them. It is an impression that will directly affect your chances of being hired and as such you should put in the effort right from this initial phase of the application process. 

The cover letter

You must have a different and specific cover letter for each job that you apply for. Don’t risk cutting and pasting and using one template for them all. Look to keep them succinct and detailed enough to provide as much information as required from the application. There are numerous professional cover letter samples available online. Find the one that works for what you want to say and the impression you want to make and ensure that it’s job specific. 

The cover letter should add to or further explain what you have in the application form and focus on the fact that companies are hiring those that are more experienced and have availability and are willing to work in person/at the office.

Be selective as to what you apply for

Don’t just apply for everything, be selective or you could affect your credibility, especially if you’re going through a recruitment agency. They need to see that you’re focused on what you’re looking for and know what it is you want from a new job. If you’re simply prepared to apply for anything and everything, then you’re unlikely to get the individual attention and focused application process from the recruitment firm assisting you.

Always be on time

Whether online meetings or in person, you need to be on time for any planned meetings. Keeping time is one of the best first impressions to make. Recruiters will notice your time keeping and it will be a signifier of your productivity and perceived seriousness, most will also definitely not appreciate waiting for you. Don’t bother contacting the hirer or recruiter to ask for an extension to submit the application, it’s just not the done thing and goes to show just how important keeping time will be for the entire job application process.

Finding a new job in the current climate may be a difficult process and one that can lead to a great deal of stress and uncertainty. Making a great first impression is one of the things that you can control and as such the aforementioned four tips will serve to put you on the front foot from the outset.