4 Types of Network Interface Card for Your Computer System


A network interface card uses the OSI model for communication, which has seven levels. Each layer has a distinct purpose in allowing communication between devices. A NIC functions as a transceiver, transmitting and receiving data at the same time. There are four network interface card options available in the market. They are:

#1 Ethernet or Wired

An ethernet network interface card includes a slot in which you may insert one end of a cable. However, the other end connects to your modem. The PCMCIA card is compact and credit card-like. You can install it on laptops and mobile devices. Moreover, it is a more widespread type of Ethernet NIC. You may commonly see Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) cards in desktop computers that lack an internal Ethernet connector.

#2 USB

USB NICs allow PCs to connect to networks using USB ports. On one end, this network interface card functions as a USB adapter and the other as an Ethernet controller. It also sends and receives frames by the USB NIC. In turn, the device drivers instruct the operating system on how to connect to the internet.

#3 Fibre Optic

A network interface card that is fibre optic is among the most advanced available today. These NICs must deal with high speeds and network traffic. You can mix two or more NICs to attain high-performance criteria. Some people install these NICs into the expansion slots on a motherboard. The fibre optic NIC turns data packets into electrical signals and delivers them via the network.

#4 Wireless 

A wireless network interface card is for wireless connections. It uses radiofrequency waves to deliver and receive data over a wireless network. One of the most frequent types of NICs is wireless network interface cards. 

The network interface card is a form of network adapter hardware that fits into a computer’s expansion slot. They produce data packets, transform them into signals, and send them via the network at the physical and data link levels. NICs have four categories, each with its own set of features and compatibility. Consider the speed of the NIC, its multiport redundancy, connection type, and mobility to obtain the optimum card for your device and network speeds.

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