As a child with no clue of how much danger inexperience in joining the waves could bring, I never knew that taking swimming classes could benefit me. It was supposed to be fun swimming at the beach, and I was happy to keep my small body rock along the waves with the care of my big cousins.

However, one of my big cousins suddenly popped out of nowhere, and I was spooked! Before I knew it, the big waves kept coming through, and I tried to reach for that big cousin of mine, but she left me.

I remember trying to gasp for air while kicking my feet, but the big waves kept on crashing into me, which made it harder for me to surface above the waters. It was good that one of my uncles saw me and hastily caught me in his arms, and I was out of trouble.

That event traumatised me into coming into the ocean; however, my aunt and uncle got me into some swimming lessons in Singapore after finding out that I was still enjoying myself in the kiddies’ pool.

Years later, I could bravely swim in the vast ocean because I learned how to swim. I am still afraid of going back to the sea alone, and I think it’ll forever haunt me. However, in case-to-case scenarios, I know how to save myself and not rely on others.

Here are the reasons why I find swimming classes beneficial.

1. It’s fun to swim.

Swimming is the most enjoyable exercise that will also strengthen your body and burn calories. Swimming is bound to bring some fun into your life, whether it’s the pure satisfaction of swimming classes only with your trainer or being comfortable mingling with others at pool parties.

2. You’ll gain swimming proficiency.

While swimming lessons in Singapore are highly beneficial for those who cannot swim, they are also quite helpful for those who can swim well. You can improve your swimming technique and confidence by taking swimming classes. In addition, you can also get a swimsafer test, which seeks to provide children with an enjoyable way to learn how to swim and how to survive in the water.

3. Helps in the safety of either you or your kids.

Parents should learn to swim to save their children if they accidentally fall into the water. Taking swimming lessons could help someone save the life of another individual.

4. It makes you healthier.

Swimming is a fantastic kind of exercise that aids in calorie burning. It is an excellent cardiovascular workout, and your body will use a wide range of muscle groups. You might realise that taking swimming lessons in Singapore has more benefits to give you than you think.

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