There are many agencies of law enforcement in Australia that focus on combating a specific crime. One law enforcement agency that you might know about is the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, or ASIO for short. They are responsible for protecting the country and its citizens from sabotage, espionage, politically motivated violence, and terrorism, to name a few. 

However, law enforcement officers cannot do their job without wearing the proper tactical gear. That is why there are several companies that offer the best tactical gear in Australia. Every gear that they wear should be reliable and made of the best quality since faulty gear could mean life or death for them. Here are some essential tactical gear for law enforcement officers:

1. Bulletproof Vest

Every law enforcement officer needs to protect their body from potential gunfire or stabbing. That is why they always wear a bulletproof vest that covers the front and rear of their body. Every law enforcement officer who is on-duty is required to wear the vest at all times, whether in parks or driving. 

2. Tactical Flashlights

In most cases, some officers are working day and night, and they might get called in to inspect suspicious activity. The area that they are going to might be dark, which is why they need to have their flashlight with them at all times. Usually, officers are given standard-issue flashlights that are either big or small. 

Nowadays, small flashlights can illuminate the dark efficiently, ensuring that the officer’s pouch is not heavy when they carry it around. Some flashlights have protruding edges around the front that they can use to hit and subdue a criminal whenever they need to. 

And for special officers like the Special Response Group in Australia, they would have a helmet or gun-mounted flashlights so that they do not have to keep holding them. But in most cases, they would also have an extra tactical flashlight in their pockets if ever their main helmet or gun-mounted flashlight malfunctions. 

3. Tactical Bags

There will be times when officers patrolling the streets are called to a place where there is active gunfire. They have nothing but their bulletproof vest and a single pistol with one or two magazines when they arrive. That is why some would carry tactical bags that are filled with heavy weapons to use when necessary. 

Besides using the tactical bags for storing weapons, they are also used to keep additional tactical gear such as flashlights, batons, maces, extra bulletproof vests, magazines, and everything else. 

4. Tactical Footwear

There are different types of footwear that every Australian law enforcement officer wears specific to their unit or division. For officers roaming around in public streets, they need to wear something formal to make them look professional and prevent everyone from being afraid of them. 

But for other places like a hostage scenario, Australian special police will need footwear that can withstand heavy beating while providing them adequate movement. They would usually wear duty boots that can grip slippery surfaces and are hard enough that sharp objects such as glass shards or metal bars do not pierce through the shoe’s sole. 

Australian law enforcement officers are never complete without using the best tactical gear in Australia. Every day, there will always be something bad happening in Australia, and they are the ones that can help keep the public peace and everyone safe.