Getting injured in an auto accident is already bad enough than being cheated on your fair settlement.

Every auto accident is bad. But an accident with 18-wheeler or even a large commercial truck means serious injury or even death. Going through all this pain, you would still want to claim the fair settlement rights because that’s what you deserve.

Is getting the opposite party for your settlement an easy task?

They would do anything to trick you into an unfair settlement and not get what you deserve. This is the reason many victims reach professional platforms for a car accident attorney in Ventura, CA where the vehicle accident rates are high as ever. The insurance companies are not evil, they are just really good at their job.

Being Offensive is a Need!

You need to go on your offensive side.

You must be aware of how trucking companies have their own paid investigators to save them from large settlements. As the main objective of these commercial trucking companies is to save their client by paying as low as they can or even no-payment at all.

They would do anything possible to save their party even when they are to blame.

Just to stay in focus and making sure you don’t get cheated on your fair claim, aware yourself with the three tricks Insurance Companies use to avoid auto accident settlement.

1.   Act of a Helper:

You might get a friendly call from the insurance company of the other party. This third-party adjuster might seem very helpful and friendly and even ask for a statement on how you are doing.

Don’t give a statement!

You might end up saying something that could hurt your case. This is the most used tricks of these insurance companies. They try to mold you into their goody-good conversations to settle you with low-offer.

Don’t fall for this!


2.   Delaying the Justice

Keep in mind that they would anything to protect their party. Even if it means that the case would be held or delays again and again with a set of unreliable reasons.

Funeral expenses or medical bills can easily overwhelm the victim.

Get the money that is rightfully yours as soon as possible. This should be your lawyer’s priority because the opposite party will not back down in using different tactics to close the case.

Holding the case will only benefit them. They know you would wear down and might even agree on settling with less than you deserve.

3.   Less is more

The last thing you would want is a long-drawn legal battle. While you are recovering and trying to move on with your routine life, you could be eager to settle with whatever is coming.

This is the reason Insurance Companies of the opposite parties try to do. Stretch the case and either settle the party with an unfair settlement or even nothing. Don’t Agree!

They would impose their offer as much more than you deserve but the case is quite the opposite.