In today’s world, the healthcare insurance system is set up so that the government dictates exactly how, when, and what health services are provided to you. Regardless of the severity of your situation, the current government prioritizes the middleman (the insurance company) rather than the individual receiving the treatment. If you’re looking for a more direct relationship with your healthcare provider, more affordable prices, and better quality service, direct primary care is a great medical alternative for you.

Zenith Direct Care, located in Lehi, provides a convenient, low-cost alternative to traditional health insurance that allows you to access your primary care provider whenever you need! If you have been searching for a substitute for modern medical health insurance, direct primary care is the way to go. Below are five benefits of using direct primary care rather than traditional health insurance.

1. Direct Primary Care is More Affordable

Direct primary care is a direct, low-cost medical alternative to health insurance. Instead of paying monthly bills, you use your own money to pay a small copay or deductible. With Zenith Direct Care, it is not uncommon for patients to spend a very small fee each month on their copay or deductible. The low-cost nature of direct primary care has helped many people save thousands of dollars in total healthcare premiums over the past decade. In addition, since the doctor and patient are directly responsible for the healthcare costs, they can negotiate lower pricing with alternative insurance companies and medical service providers in Lehi.

2. Direct Primary Care is More Personalized

Direct primary care gives patients more personalized service than alternative health insurance because the patient is paying their provider directly. This means that a patient can set up a routine medical visit without hassle or confusion with an alternative health insurance company; it’s as simple as scheduling an appointment with your primary care doctor! Even though direct primary care patients use their own money to pay their medical providers, they still receive quality service that can be customized to fit their needs. As long as you agree upon it, your direct primary care doctor in Lehi will be available for you twenty-four hours a day.

3. Direct Primary Care is More Convenient

With Zenith Direct Care in Lehi, you won’t have to worry about scheduling issues. You can simply pick up the phone and call your doctor if you have a question or need medical attention at any hour of the day! In addition, direct primary care doctors collaborate locally to ensure patients are connected with quality alternative medical professionals, so you’ll never need to worry that you won’t be cared for when you need it most.

Zenith Direct Care is clinic that provides alternate medical insurance in Lehi for families who don’t need traditional insurance coverage.