10 Tips We Should Know about Home Improvement


As we all know, home decoration is very important now a days. Different people may choose different ways of decoration for their home, but it is hard to determine which one is more suitable. So it may be better to get some basic knowledge of decoration techniques when we need decorations. And here are 10 major home decoration tips we usually consider for smart home improvement.

1.Choose a decoration company with stable workers. Frequent change of workers may affect the duration of work, construction craftsmanship and so on. Therefore, it’s better to reach an agreement with the decoration company for stable workers engaging in further works.

2.Waterproofing is very important. Water is not limited to the kitchen but also the bathroom, including the main locations of sinks and ground inclinations. Test the drainage system to avoid leaks or clogs. And the seat of the cabinet part must have 10 centimeters of the brick table so as to get the most effective waterproofing. For the washing area, the faucet must be able to reach the back of the hand switch. Otherwise, it may be not only difficult to turn it on and off, but also easy to get oil dirt!

3.Make sure the kitchen water lines are smooth before kitchen cabinet installations. Otherwise, it may involve a lot of reworking trouble to solve water line problems. Besides, more expenses will be incurred. This is also true for bathroom floor tiles. Install them only after the water test is confirmed. If the flow of water is relatively slow or too fast, request reworking immediately to avoid further troubles for floor tiles.

4.Have an electric switch for each room, especially the bathroom and kitchen. These rooms as we know are places where danger often occurs. An independent electric switch setup is helpful to control all appliances and reduce electrical risks if there are any water tap, shower head or gas failures.

5.Make sure the balcony is tiled, including the corners of any viewing balconies. The tiles should be of the same height as the railing for the living balcony. If not, we can only expect to brush them by ourselves with buckets of exterior paint now and then. By the way, don’t use black cement to hook the tiles. Otherwise, many black seams between the tiles may look dirty and ugly after days or months. What’s more, use a wooden floor instead if you can’t or are hard to find satisfactory floor tiles. The wooden floor can also offer great effect and a good user experience, especially matching with a few pots of flowers and plants around.

6.Consider air-conditioning positions when preparing for wiring works. Place the air conditioners as close as possible to power supplies to avoid long exposed power lines. Exposed lines may be risky and not beautiful enough.

  1. Consider long-term use of storage space during the decoration process. It’s better to fully arrange more storage space so that more daily items can be considered and accommodated later in life.

8.Keep uniform for wood selections. When selecting wood decorations or furniture for a home environment, it is best to pick the same wood style (or the same species if possible) to keep beautiful and uniform.

  1. Acceptance of all works, especially the concealed works. Concealed works are often the top priority in interior decoration. But it’s very important to accept the concealed works as improper installation may affect our normal life later. Also, keep a copy of detailed specs yourself for any custom furniture. Then you can check the final products to confirm whether they’re compliant or not.
  2. Final payment after completion and acceptance. In general, decoration and renovation fee is

So these are the major 10 points we usually see during decorations. There is really a lot to consider for home improvement. Following these tips may offer you some home decorations and renovations skills, and finally get the right beautiful and comfortable home life.