Why Your AC Often Leaks Water?

With the severe heat waves around the country, your air conditioner unit has become a necessary summer appliance. When the weather in your city is humid and sultry, your air conditioner might make you sweat as well. Some of the moisture created by your system, such as condensation pouring from your air conditioner’s outdoor unit during regular operation, is not a great cause for concern. 

Larger volumes of water, on the other hand, may signal a problem. Most common service calls are received by various air conditioner repair technicians, and there are a variety of reasons behind them. Whenever you notice such an issue with your AC unit, you must call Airconservicing who is a well-known aircon contractor Singapore.

There are several reasons for this problem and some of them are as follows:

Dirt from your neglected filters can always block airflow and cause them to freeze, drip more water, and overfill your drain pan.  Change or clean your filter frequently and particularly if children/pets are present in the home.

  • Clogged drain line

Mould, algae, dirt/debris can block your drain lines and can cause AC leaks. Maintain a routine cleaning however, if already it is damaged then remove the clog by using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or call a local repair technician.

  • Low refrigerant

The low level of refrigerant might cause the evaporator coil to freeze, resulting in a drainage pan overflow. A leak or low refrigerant is indicated by a system that is not pumping cold air or making hissing and bubbling sound.

  • Improper installation

If you have recently installed your HVAC system and you’re seeing a lot of leaks, you’re probably dealing with a poor ac installation. Water can backflow or become stuck in drainage pipes that aren’t the right size for the system or are slanted incorrectly.

  • Drain pan damage

The drain pan collects any condensate, but if it overflows, your air conditioner may leak water and because the pan is constructed of iron, it is prone to rust. Corrosion may also produce cracks in the air conditioning water tray, allowing condensate to escape from the pan.

  • Poor maintenance

The AC, like any other home appliance, needs to be serviced regularly to perform properly. As a result, it is necessary to ensure that the AC is regularly cleaned and maintained, as poor maintenance can lead to water leaks.

  • Air leak

Because of an air leak, water leaks can develop. When warm air from the installed air conditioner does not pass through the vent, this is what happens. Therefore, moisture condenses on your refrigerant coils, causing the device to leak water.

  • Frozen evaporator coils

Another common reason is the damaged condenser pump. This component is usually located beneath the cooling oil. It pumps out the entire water from your condenser pan. Often, this can malfunction because of dirt buildup.

If the problem is severe enough, an air conditioner chemical overhaul may be required. If you need help with your air conditioning, please contact a knowledgeable air conditioning company for help.

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