Why eSports Will Become More Popular in The Future

eSports Will Become More Popular

Not long ago, the term ‘eSports’ was confined to the world of gaming enthusiasts, a niche segment within the gaming industry. Today, it has transcended these boundaries to become a global phenomenon. It is deeply ingrained in various game genres such as shooters, MOBAs, and fighting games. Let’s explore the reasons behind eSports’ remarkable rise and explore why its trajectory is set for even greater success in the future.

The streaming revolution

A key force driving eSports into the limelight is the explosive rise of streaming, particularly game streaming. Influential figures like Ninja popularized the concept, turning game streaming into mainstream entertainment. This surge in popularity works well for eSports. Established platforms like Twitch and YouTube, alongside emerging ones like Kick, expand the reach of eSports, giving it a broader audience.

The recognition

State policies play a key role in advancing casinos, online sports betting, and eSports. Let’s take the example of Michigan here to understand this better. The state legalized sports betting and online casinos in January 2021 and has an 8.4% sports betting tax rate, which is one of the lowest in the US. Michigan online sports betting and eSports are therefore seeing a rapid rise. Bettors can wager online within the state’s borders or at retail sportsbooks in most casinos. In eSports, the top three games played in the state are Rocket League, Valorant, and Brawlhalla.

Growing investment

Beyond streaming, eSports garners significant investment from a diverse range of companies. Sponsors and organizations recognize the immense interest generated by eSports, not only in established markets like South Korea but also in Western countries such as the UK, the US, and mainland Europe. Notably, the legalization of eSports betting in Canada has given rise to its popularity.

Increased investment converts into more players, improved venues, and larger audiences. As a result, eSports gained prestige, earning recognition akin to traditional sports among mainstream audiences.

Thriving sense of community

Community spirit is an integral facet of helping eSports move forward. And this sense of unity is set to intensify. Similar to traditional sports, eSports has passionate fan bases that develop a profound sense of following. However, what sets eSports apart is the approachability of its players. Many eSports athletes also double as streamers, helping in growing dedicated communities. This unique bond creates a distinctive atmosphere within eSports, setting it apart from other forms of entertainment that help people enjoy life.

Immersive viewer experience

Currently, online viewers watch events primarily through mobile devices or desktop PCs. This is why they lack a profound sense of immersion. But this is on the brink of change. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets, still relatively new, are expected to revolutionize the landscape of entertainment and boost the eSports market size. Immersive content will redefine how viewers interact with games, sports, and streaming. This is set to usher eSports into a new era.

Advancements in infrastructure

Criticism directed at eSports often pertains to its infrastructure. But this aspect is constantly improving as global fan interest surges. Better accessibility to mainstream audiences has emerged as a key factor in the growing eSports infrastructure.