Why Betting On The Underdog Is Often Smart

Let’s just be clear about something; there is an underdog team with little to no chance of winning, and then there is an underdog team that isn’t really an underdog. The problem with betting lingo is that even if an excellent team is up against a favourite, that excellent team is still referred to as an underdog.

In reality, the so-called underdog is often still incredibly skilled and very capable of winning, but just so happens to have gone up against a team that is perceived to be better. Hence it goes without saying that the underdog team wins far more often than is assumed, technically making the underdog bet the smart choice in many cases.

But is it possible to tell if the underdog is really just an underrated winner?

What Makes An Underdog?

The simple truth is this; the underdog is the team labelled as such by a sportsbook. A team could be ranked second best in the world, but will still be labelled as the underdog because they are up against the top ranked team in the world. In this case the underdog really isn’t much of an underdog.

On the other hand, if a genuinely lesser team is up against pros, they really are the underdog. The trick is that in the world of sports, much less skilled teams are rarely ever put up against truly overbearing superiors. 

In more practical terms, the underdog team is given appropriate odds. For example, an underdog could be given crazy odds of 1/100. These odds would be for a perceived major underdog, with the sportsbook seeing little chance of the team winning. Meanwhile, a modest bet of just $10 on this team would pay out a whopping $1010.

Can The Underdog Win?

It is because underdogs are so often overlooked that it is important to check out NFL expert picks. Expert tipsters are often aware of when an underdog is being downplayed, and some will even make suggestions on a hot underdog that might surprise a ‘better’ team.

Yes, of course the underdog can win, and often will despite misleading odds. Any bettor that is paying attention to the details will see that sometimes the underdog is far more likely to win than is being suggested.

The Benefits

What are the benefits of betting on the underdog? The primary and most obvious benefit is that it isn’t necessary to win more bets than are lost in order to make a profit. It is often said by betting gurus that more bets must be won than lost, but this isn’t true at all. At least, it isn’t true if you’re betting on the underdog.

Since underdog payouts are so much higher, numerous smaller bets can be a winning formula. Only a few bets have to succeed in order to cover costs.

The Cons

On the other hand, betting on the underdog takes time, patience, research, and nerves of steel. Simply put, spotting a winning underdog is tricky, especially for those not familiar with a variety of teams. So, while simply scattering bets around on favourite teams can get results, underdog betting really is only for experienced bettors.

Amateurs and beginners may wish to stick to betting on favourites. Those ready to go next level can start exploring the underdog market.