Why Amsterdam is the Best Place to Experience Moments with Partner

People genuinely interested in exploring their sexual fantasies must visit Amsterdam, the most sexually liberated city in the world. The sex industry in Amsterdam is based on openness and passion. The sex workers are respected professionals who help their clients explore new sexual activities. As a practice, anal sex has been long misconstrued as ‘painful’ or ‘immoral.’ Both of those assertions are wrong as anal sex, when done correctly, can be extremely fun for both parties involved. Here’s a guide to having the best anal sex experiences in Amsterdam.

Finding a Willing Escort

Firstly, people must not force sex workers into performing specific acts. Sex workers have every right to refuse their services if a client is misbehaving. With that being said, finding an escort willing to do anal sex shouldn’t be a problem in Amsterdam. The city is full of open-minded sex workers, and visitors should look in the right places. The most surefire option is trying the anal escorts in Amsterdam. These escorts specialize in providing anal sex to their clients. Apart from enjoying the experience, visitors can also learn a lot about the art of anal sex.

Practicing Safe Sex

Safe sex is the motto of every sex worker in Amsterdam’s Red-Light districts. They urge their customers to adopt a similar approach and use condoms while having sex. Anal sex is completely different from vaginal sex. Vaginas self-lubricate so that both parties can enjoy the act equally. However, human anuses don’t have self-lubricating mechanisms. That’s why using cream, coconut oil, or some other form of lube is highly important. Customers must listen to their escorts before and during the process. Bear in mind – having anal sex is an extremely intimate and pleasurable process. Both parties need to be on the same page for this act to be painless and memorable.

Be Prepared to Pay Extra

Anal sex, being completely different from vaginal sex, is viewed differently by escorts. They’re perfectly entitled to charge extra for such services. In Amsterdam, there are strict rules regarding paying sex workers. Bargaining with them or refusing to pay are not acceptable behaviors in the city’s famed Red-Light districts. Visitors must have an open mind and ensure they don’t make their escorts feel vulnerable at any point. There are no better teachers of anal sex than the escorts in Amsterdam. These professional sex workers may come from all parts of the world, but their drive to provide top-quality sexual experiences is the same.