What Tools Should A Local Handyman Own & Use?

A local handyman is responsible for numerous activities inside and outside his clients’ house, from cabinet installation, carpentry, ceiling and drywall repairs to fence fixing, door repair, insulation installation, and small remodeling. To fulfill his tasks rapidly and successfully, he doesn’t only need skills and experience, but also the proper tools to do the job.

We asked our friends at HBSOnTime.com (Home & Business Services), a family-owned business operating in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA, since 2013, to tell us what tools do their local handymen use. We selected the most important of them and we are ready to present them to you in this article. However, we must mention that some of the tools below should only be used by trained professionals:

Putty knife. 

This tool is extremely useful for patching up drywall, once a hole appears in them, for whatever reason. After using it, the drywall will look like new.

Adjustable wrench. 

A local handyman will always use this versatile wrench, which is very speedy and convenient. It’s suitable for all types of work, especially plumbing or anything mechanic.

Wood chisels. 

These tools are essential for precision woodwork, especially if they come with a lifetime warranty, that ensures their quality.

Magnetic torpedo level. 

This extremely precise tool doesn’t only help you perfectly align your paintings to the ceiling and the ground, it also helps your local handyman with plumbing and anything else that requires precision leveling.

Digital caliper. 

The smaller the work gets, the more important it is to measure everything precisely. After all, the phrase “measure twice, cut once” is very true. With this digital caliper, everything will be down to the millimeter.


Rotary tool. 

This rotary tool is ideal for a number of tasks, from polishing metal and sanding complex woodwork to precision cutting metal, engraving, etc.


A local handyman will use this tool to tear down walls, shatter the concrete in your backyard or prepare the space for a wonderful wood deck.

Cordless chainsaw. 

The work of a cordless chainsaw doesn’t necessarily need to be destructive: it can be used for small tasks such as cleaning up unwieldy branches.


Far more precise than a circular saw, a jigsaw will allow for meticulous cuts in woodworking projects.

Nail gun. 


If you hire a local handyman to mount drywalls, build a cabinet or erect a shed, he will need a nail gun. It will make his life easier and will get the job done faster.

Bench vise. 

A bench vise will hold everything into place, tight and secure. It can also be used to holding things together while the glue between them dries.

Impact driver. 

An impact driver is incredibly useful for constructing furniture, mounting things on walls, or performing maintenance on several objects.

A very stable ladder. 

Last but not least, you could have every tool you want, but if you don’t own a tall and stable ladder, you can’t properly fix the ceiling or the roof. A local handyman knows this better than anyone!

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