What Should be the Ideal Approach to Crack SBI PO Mains

If you have been selected for SBI PO Mains, then the chances are you’re in the top 2-3% of the candidates applied within your category. Nearly 80,000 students will clear the SBI PO Prelims and will be appearing for the mains examination. Moreover, the exam difficulty level and SBI PO Mains cut off have increased over the years so that the competition will be tough.

A comprehensive exam preparation strategy is essential for qualifying at this stage. Thus, in this article, we will provide some vital exam preparation strategies to help you clear the SBI PO Mains exam.

How to Crack SBI PO Mains

  • First, have faith in yourself. The SBI PO exam is tough to crack, but it is worth it.
  • Second, only the score of your SBI PO Mains exam will be considered in the final merit list.

Given below are some of the most important tips for cracking the SBI PO Mains Exam. Take a look:

Learn the Syllabus

Once you get the information about the exam pattern and other relevant details, you must know the syllabus. Learning the exam syllabus properly as being aware of it entirely is essential.

You will be asked several questions on Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, General awareness about economy/ banking, data analysis & interpretation, and English language. Once you get familiar with the subjects and types of questions that will be asked, you are good to go.

All the details of the examination pattern will help you to make your preparation stronger.

Take the Mock Test During The Actual Exam Slot Time

During the last few days of the mains exam, you need to take at least one mock test in a day. This way, you can train your mind to be alert at a particular time during the day. Most people make the mistake of taking mock tests late in the night or early in the morning, which is not an option available to you on the exam day.

If you’re a working professional, you should try to take the mock test during weekends.

Attempting 3.5-Hour Exam

The new 3-hour pattern is quite difficult for some people who are used to the only 1-hour exam pattern. You will need a lot of mental strength not to allow your focus to slip through the 3-hour exam.

Moreover, you will have 30 minutes of the descriptive section just after the objective exam. Most people have a lower efficiency for the final round of the exams because they would get exhausted after a 90-120 minute long exam.

Thus, you need to manage this entire 3-hour time frame exam without getting exhausted. By working your time, you will be able to score a few extra marks. Try to keep in mind the SBI PO Mains cut-off while preparing for the exam.

Attempting Sectional Pattern

In the new-sectional pattern, everything is pre-decided. You should not worry about which section to attempt first. Thus, it is considered to be the mini-blessing in disguise. Treat each section as a different exam and break sections into mini sections. Attempt the topic which you are more potent at first and then attempt all other questions.

The confidence you will build in solving the questions will create positive momentum to improve in the sections where you believe you’re not as strong.