What Kind Of Renovation Work You Can Expect

We are all aware that buildings, just like people, age. The aging of the buildings, and their degree of deterioration make it necessary to rehabilitate houses every certain period of time.

Over the years, building regulations have been raising the minimum requirement levels for thermal and sound insulation in buildings and thus achieve greater energy efficiency. And it is that efficient homes can consume up to eight times less energy than conventional buildings.

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Proper Analysis

Analyzing the insulation that the walls provide to the house is essential. Thanks to the improvement of the thermal envelope of the building, which can be considered as ‘its skin’, buildings increase their levels of insulation and, therefore, reduce the needs related to the consumption of heating or cooling energy.

Another element of utmost importance are the windows , which incorporate narrower but deeper frames , more airtight closures, double or triple glasses with argon gases in the chambers to reduce heat transmission and hot edge spacers between glasses that make it easier to reach the windows. 

Energy performance required

All of them, added to the control of electricity, plumbing and sanitation, are technical aspects for which the hiring of a technical architect and an interior designer is essential. These professionals will be in charge of choosing the ideal solutions that best suit the home, and this is important for renovation in Singapore.

Rehabilitation of homes to take care of the planet

The cities should play a key role in combating climate change, they are responsible for up to 70% of greenhouse gases while occupying only 2% of the world’s territory.

In this context, buildings contribute a percentage of up to 56% to the pollution of our cities compared to 13% that comes from emissions from cars. It is a silent threat against which action must be taken.

If we focus on here, it should be noted that, of the 25 million homes that exist, more than half (55%) were built before the 80s, many of them (more than 20%) exceeding 50 years of life. Specifically, four out of five buildings are inefficient. We are talking about buildings that have uncontrolled air leaks and that lack energy efficiency measures.

Advantages of renovating windows

And, in addition, our assemblers receive training courses regularly. Window renovation helps save energy, modern windows help save energy and significantly reduce heating and air conditioning costs. The aforementioned efficiency and sustainability is achieved in the windows thanks to a multi-chamber PVC profile, high-quality insulating glass and, something that is often underestimated, professional assembly.

Optimal acoustic insulation:All windows always ensure perfect insulation. This characteristic is especially interesting when it comes to the rehabilitation of houses in the center of cities.

Maximum security: a maximum security window achieves maximum protection of the home against all burglary attempts, equipping the windows with modern security devices, such as mushroom bolts. In addition, thanks to the security package we achieve greater thermal and acoustic insulation.

Long-lasting windows:Replacing windows not only improves the aesthetics of the home, but it does so over a long period of time. To achieve this, it is of great importance to finish the etched and satin-finished surfaces directly on the profile, instead of using adhered foils. Thanks to this process, the surfaces are more beautiful and more resistant to scratches and dirt.

Carrying out a home renovation comprises numerous technical aspects and details, so do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.