What is Email Apnea and how it is caused

As a professional, you spent more than 7 hours a day, in front of your computer screen. According to a research, those who work out on a regular basis, are not being able to overcome the damaging effects of spending so much of time, in front of a computer screen.

There are lots of different types of helpful suggestions which have been floated by the Ergonomists, with regards to using proper computer setup, desk and sitting arrangements. Besides, there are different posture tips which are also available to make life easier.  But are these enough? How screen time is affecting our health and what can be done, in order to maintain a proper physiological mechanism in a world, which is saturated by technology? One of the most deadly and fatal outcomes of spending hours in front of computer screen in email apnea. It’s a condition, where your breathing tends to stop for a couple of seconds, without you even noticing it. The fact that intake of oxygen is halted for a few moments, this can have devastating effects on your health. It can affect your entire nervous system, brain and some of the major organs in your body. Good news is, it doesn’t happen overnight and there is time for you to adopt preventive measures to keep yourself safe and healthy.

What are the Symptoms of Email Apnea?


When it comes the symptoms of email apnea, there are quite a few of them which should raise the red flags. The followings are some of the signs which you need to look for. If you are experiencing any one of them, then its time you took proper measures. They are as follows

  • You will start feeling exhausted and tired; apparently for no reason.
  • You would experience dry and sore throat when you wake up.
  • Poor concentration and memory loss is another sign which indicates that you are suffering from this condition.
  • Periodical headaches is another symptom
  • You would feel restless and irritated for no reasons.
  • You would also suffer from depression and anxiety.
  • The level of libido in your body would come down by an alarming rate, which ccal lead to impotency in some people.

What Causes Email Apnea?


There are multiple different reasons which can cause this syndrome. Here is a brief insight into it.

As mentioned email apnea is caused when you hold your breath for a couple of seconds and it happens every single time you are working on emails or any other sort of electronic communication. This holding of breath can lead to different types of stress related complications. Your body turns acidic; the kidneys starts reabsorbing sodium; and the balance of nitric acid, oxygen, carbon dioxide is disturbed which affect the entire biochemistry mechanism of your physiological system.

How to Overcome this Condition?

If you are diagnosed with email apnea, in that case, there are ways for you to get out of it. Here are a few useful tips for you.


  • Keep Breathing: You need to put in a conscious effort to ensure that you are breathing all the time.
  • Taking Breaks can help: Make it a habit to take breaks every now and then, This would help to break the chain of stress and anxiety.
  • Your eyes should be relaxed: Having worked on the computer for a considerable period of time, you need to ensure that you spent a couple of minutes closing your eyes. Splashing cold water can also help the nerves of the eyes to calm down.


However, if you face the aforementioned symptoms, in that case, the best option for you would be to get in touch with an expert.