What Do You Need for a Small Cannabis Plantation?

Cannabis, as a drug and medicinal plant, is fast becoming a home plant for many reasons. Are you in a country or region where it is legal to plant one? Consider starting a small plantation, even if homegrown. To start a cannabis plantation, you need specific items, including cannabis pots and other things. Growing this plant is easy; the challenge is growing a quality that meets the demands of your buyers.

Here are the things you need to start a small cannabis plantation:

  • Well-aired space

Whether you plan to grow your plant indoors, identify a well-ventilated space allowing air to reach the plant nodes freely. If you are planning an indoor cannabis plantation, do not forget that you need a different kind of light that can supplement sunlight. Your regular light bulbs will not do the trick. Rather, go for blue spectrum lights at the early stage (seedling) and red spectrum lights at the later stage (flowering).

  • Pots

Cannabis pots are your best bets to grow your nursery cannabis plants before transferring. In the right pot and suitable soil conditions, a cannabis plant can germinate as quickly as within twenty-four hours. The goal is to grow healthy plants, so give it what it takes. Get good quality cannabis pots made from clay or black plastic with sufficient holes at the bottom to drain excess water to avoid the roots rotting.

  • Start small

It is always advisable to start with a sizable number of plants and see how well you do with them. Learn what you need to learn, and do better with the next batch of plants. Start with beginner plants-they are easy to maintain and spend about 4-6wks in a vegetation state, unlike the grander plants that take longer.

  • Source for the Best

Never underestimate the power of quality. Take time to research and go for the best seed quality. That way, you do not get frustrated after putting in all the required efforts and seeing your cannabis plants not growing as you expected. It can be a daunting experience.