Virtual Speed Dating – Things To Avoid

Virtual speed dating is the new normal and a great way to meet people in these unusual corona times. It may seem like a sci-fi film, but this can be the future of dating. However, the majority of people get anxious at the time of virtual speed dating. If you get nervous, it will not be easy to have a good experience, plus you might fail to make an excellent first impression. The right thing to do at that time is not to bother about the outcomes.

This article on” virtual speed dating- things to avoid” aims to help people understand virtual speed dating and gives tips about what to avoid during virtual dating.

Speed Dating

Speed dating is a social event where single persons meet each other to find their match. So, a single person gets a chance to experience many short dates with different people. These people can be of the same age, from the same city or group.

This is the very recent dating method and was introduced in public by a Rabbi named YaccovDeyo in 1998.

Several organizations and groups set up the speed dating event, and people will have to register for it. Moreover, there are some informal speed dating events also.

There is this whole structure and rule to follow during speed dating.  Every person will have a definite amount of time to talk to a person, and then they will have to speak to another person. There is both good and bad about these events, so you have to follow the rules.

However, online speed dating has become popular during this lockdown, where you meet different people through short video calls.

Virtual Speed Dating

Virtual speed dating works the same way as in-person speed dating. The only difference is that the dating takes place through video calls. Moreover, virtual dating can be done on a large scale as there is no space constraint. When you join online speed dating, you will be premised in the “lobby” area first, where you have to wait until you are placed on a date. At the end of the virtual date, you have to say “yes” or “no” to the person, and you will be returned to the “lobby” again to wait for the next short date.

The best thing about virtual speed dating is that the software will intuitively match you with each date based on your preference and the dating age that you have selected. And at the end of the event, you will find your matches, either directly after or within 24 hours.

Things To Avoid

There are few things that you should avoid doing online speed dating and specific questions that you should not ask during speed dating. Few things to avoid during virtual speed dating are-

  • Make a set-up in an area where there is no proper network.
  • Make sure to keep your camera at the proper position or eye level to be fully visible on the screen.
  • Avoid wearing clothes with lines and patterns because they don’t show well on video. Consider wearing plain colored clothes.
  • Don’t slump in front of a camera; sit straight.
  • Avoid looking anywhere else other than the camera during the video date.
  • Avoid talking about your or their ex’s. As in short times, it isn’t easy to talk about the past.
  • Avoid talking about work-related topics in precious dating time.
  • Never talk about religions or politics on your first date.
  • Avoid doing all the talking.
  • Avoid checking your phone or talking with other people during video dates.
  • Don’t brag too much or fish for compliments.

After reading this article on virtual speed dating-things to avoid you will feel more prepared and less nervous. This will make you ready to have a good experience. You can also check out the Virtual Dating Etiquette.