Video surveillance, video protection – at home

Individuals regularly use cameras to secure their homes, in particular to combat burglaries.

These video surveillance system myrtle beach sc must, however, respect the privacy of those filmed. What precautions should be taken when installing such devices?

An individual can security camera installation in Chicago. Their home to ensure security. These devices are not subject to the rules of protection of personal data only if they are limited to the strictly private sphere. In all cases, they must respect the privacy of neighbors, visitors and passers-by.

What precautions should be taken when installing the device?

The individual can not shoot that inside their property (for example, inside the house or apartment, garden, private access road). They are not allowed to film the public highway, including ensuring the security of their vehicle parked outside their home.

With a private individual, the images of his property can be viewed by any person authorized by the owner of the premises. Be careful, however, not to infringe on the privacy of those filmed: respect the image rights of your family members, friends and guests!

If the device is used outside the strictly private sphere, for example because people outside the family or the friendly circle intervene at home (caregiver, nanny, etc.), people must be informed of the existence cameras and the goal pursued (for example, by a display at the entrance to the filmed area, by information in the contract signed with the domestic worker, etc.).

When you call on a surveillance company, for example to remove doubts in your absence or to record images from your cameras, take the time to read the contract offered to you and to check the commitments made by the company in particular on the period of conservation of images and on its security obligations (for example, the conditions of access to images).

Possibilities of video surveillance at home – Yes, you can install cameras on your property to protect access to your house – No, it is forbidden to monitor your neighbors in this way

The special case of employees at the home of an individual

When an individual installs home security systems in Chicago while he employs, directly or indirectly, staff, the cameras must not film employees continuously during the exercise of their professional activity.

What remedies?

If a device installed by an individual does not comply with these rules, you can enter:

  • The complaints service of the National Commission for Data Protection.
  • The police, gendarmerie or municipal police services;
  • The public prosecutor or the civil court.
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