Systems at Amazon are barcode-driven. Each item you ship to a fulfillment centre needs a barcode so it can be followed as it moves through the fulfillment process. An Amazon Barcodes is necessary for products that don’t use manufacturer barcodes for tracking. From your seller account, you may print Amazon barcodes and apply them manually. You may join up for the FBA Label Service and pay Amazon a per-item charge to apply the barcodes for you if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Labeling is necessary.

All the items in your shipment plan that demand Amazon barcodes are listed on the Labeling required page. To get a list of all the goods in your shipment, click all products. Who will apply Amazon barcodes to the items in your delivery plan is disclosed in the Who labels column?

You must use the FBA Label Service if Amazon is shown in the Who labels column. This is because you have either signed up for the FBA Label Service or have chosen Amazon from the Who preps column on the Prepare Products page. The Label cost column displays the per-item label charge. Please make sure the product’s barcode is easily visible so that the fulfillment centre staff can scan it.

Create barcodes for Amazon.

When creating a shipment, from the Label items page, you can print Amazon barcodes for your products. You may also do this at any time from Manage Inventory. Labels are created instantly if you use a thermal printer. A PDF is created for laser printers that may be used to print labels on common label paper. Please ensure the following before printing barcodes to ensure quality:

  • Utilize label stock that is suitable for your printer.
  • Utilize a printer with a resolution of at least 300 DPI.
  • When necessary, check, clean, and replace your printer heads.
  • Test your printed barcodes’ capacity to be scanned on a regular basis.

How to make barcodes

Choose the desired label stock from the drop-down menu. For each product, confirm the number of barcode labels you wish to print, or modify the value displayed in the # of labels to print column. As for page’s labels, click Print. You may either open the created PDF file to print your labels right away or save it to print them later.

Amazon’s barcode specifications

Make sure the following is on the printed labels when printing Amazon barcodes on them:

  • The Amazon barcode and associated text should be adequately spaced out: (0.125 inch at the top and bottom, 0.25 inch on the sides)
  • Brand name

Labeling specifications

When it’s time to apply barcodes to your items, be sure to do the following steps:

  • Each item has to have the proper barcode.
  • Except for serial number barcodes and labels with the Transparency authentication code, hide all other visible barcodes.
  • Any prep supplies should have the barcode placed on the exterior.
  • Avoid placing the barcode on a packaging corner or curve.
  • The distance between the label’s edge and the packaging’s edge should be 0.25 inches.
  • Make sure that each case pack contains an Amazon barcode, and that any barcodes that were previously on the case have been erased.