Using Video Brochures for Education and Training

Two businesspeople having a productive meeting together and using a digital tablet

The time and money that employers spend on training and educating employees are being revolutionized by video technology. Companies often have to train multiple people at once. This makes it difficult for them to bring them together. Video brochures are a great solution.

Traditional methods of training employees involve a lot of paperwork and logistics. It can also require travel, which can lead to low retention rates and high costs. Employers can now send training and educational materials directly to their employees using video technology. To avoid printing unnecessary costs, video brochures can be easily edited, updated, and viewed again and again. Research has shown that video brochures can be edited, updated, and viewed over and over again to increase employee retention.

Below are ways that an employer can use video brochures for training purposes.

New Employee Orientation

Video brochures can be used to introduce new employees to the company’s culture and policies. Video brochures are also available to be sent to employees remotely, so they don’t have to spend a day or more in orientation seminars.

Continuing Education

Inform your employees about industry-specific events and policy changes using video technology.

Sales and Product Training

Engaging video and helpful information can be combined to create a unique platform that educates and promotes your employees about new product launches.

Motivational Material

Use motivational videos that are fun and helpful to boost morale and productivity.


Companies of all sizes can offer amazing audio-visual seminars via video brochures, with employees receiving information anywhere they are!

Employers have the option to make educational and training materials cost-effectively and visually appealing with video brochures. A portable brochure can display hours of audio and visual content. Employers can save money by having video brochures that are updated instantly and charged.

Video brochures can help you stand out, attract the best employees, increase retention rates and foster a connected community culture.

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