Types of Content That Will Help Your Local SEO

While content creation is at the crux of any SEO campaign, one must not forget that local SEO requires that your content is unique and that content is local. Become a local content hero if you wish success. Be relevant, useful, and as informative as possible. Hire a top SEO company in Delhi to know more about the kinds of content that will help you. Let’s now see the different types of content that will help your local SEO.


Discounts and specials are what may drive organic and relevant traffic to your website and your physical outlets. Today almost everyone is a smart shopper, and believe it or not, almost everyone is guilty of being an extreme-couponer, if we may say so. 

So go ahead and offer personalized discounts and specials to the locals. You will find this most rampantly present in hotel deals. Yes, and there are deals as well which you can provide for ‘local residents only.’ That is a great way to boost your local SEO too. To boost local SEO, hire a top Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi.

Press pages

Press pages are truly helpful in local SEO as they are there without much hype and yet are easily accessible. You can partner with the press for press releases. This content is not only local but also allows for images and infographics about your brand, content, business, and more, all through a single release.

Blog content

It will feel like magic when you wish to compete in the local SERPs. An active blog helps in improving your rankings across search engines. If you aren’t sure what to write about, you may begin by announcing a new location you have opened in or the stores and spots where your products and services are available. You may try writing on pricing, laws, announcements, testimonials, and interviews. There are simply too many ideas for us to list here to get you started.


Create guides that are locale-specific. You may even take it a step further to create ‘Best of’ guides and lists. You can make these personal by analyzing what readers and audiences want to read about a particular topic.

Local events

When you go through events in FB, you will be surprised to see that there is some event or the other scheduled locally, mostly on weekends and holidays. These may be free yoga classes, a charity dog wash, or even a festival of some sort. While FB events is a good platform to announce such an event, as a business, you must have the same announcement on your website too. If you aren’t hosting an event, you should at least try partnering with these local events.


FAQ pages are practically the one-stop for local SEO content. And with voice-first becoming a more popular way that people search for local content, it pays to optimize your FAQ pages. Even Google may set a listing or answer on your FAQ page as a featured snippet in their search algorithm, and FAQ pages truly boost your local SEO.

Regional landing page

If you feel it is daunting to create location-specific landing pages, begin by creating regional or state-specific landing pages. These pages truly are at the heart of the make-or-break concept of your rankings, and they will decide how your brand ranks in Google’s search. After you have created these pages, you may include your city or location-specific pages, and in them, you may go on to create a store or area-specific landing page (as explained in the next point).

Location-specific landing pages

Unless you have a location webpage, you simply cannot rank well for local keywords and terms. And if you are a business with a presence across various locations, make sure you have a separate landing page for each location. To take it a step further, while you may create a location-specific landing page, you may further create separate landing pages for each of the stores at that location as well.

While submitting to directory links is a good choice, only if you create hyperlocal content can you expect to grow your business. Lastly, if you can invest some money in ppc services for specific page for promotion of product or content, it will give tremendous boost to your google SERP ranking.