Trusted Predictions The Way You Would Go for Now

We don’t want to sin of arrogance but personally a kick in the ass of bookmakers we gave it without fear on November 30th 2016, immediately letting you know what happened to me even risking personally.

The Starting Points

From that day we can say almost nothing has changed, we have made thousands of people win for years, but at the first moment we was not happy you flooded me with criticisms, as if everything we did, including information, had never existed, as if we belonged to the bookmakers friends club .

It was quickly forgotten that we was the first to remove bookmakers from my site, we quickly forgot the quality of my editorials which gave you information which, in my view, is worth even more than my winning predictions. we often think that this market is the son of those who feed it and consequently it will never change.

But there are really winning Tipsters

It is true, we am the first to admit it, at least 9 out of 10 tipsters are not reliable, almost all those who sell online bets do not even have the bases to manage a professional service, let alone the appropriate knowledge.

In my experience you should never accept 먹튀 predictions  from those who offer you multiples, boards, doubles and things like that, the professional tipster will always show you the correct path, that is to play in single .

It will show you the best odds, or value bet, it will always show you an effective betting and betting method that protects you in the least good moments, which happen to everyone, including me.

A Tipster evaluates himself from his Yield

Be wary of those who exhibit hyperbolic Yields, it is simply not possible to reach them, when a tipster closes a year above 12% of Yield it should be a national holiday, this is the reality of the numbers, if you want to win enough you must be willing to accept the risk of lose enough.

  • Someone might object, even at the beginning we proposed to play in Multipla, it’s true but mine was a path, one step after another. we realized very early that those who read me were not prepared at all and had a tendency towards bettistic suicide, we only had one way to go and that was to copy those who made trends, Social pages in the first place.
  • So we aligned myself with the mass of improvised tipsters , while maintaining the necessary lucidity, not surprisingly my multiples already had a precise betting method, we proposed a maximum of 6 games with a totalizer always between 4.00% and 6, 00%, even then we had very clear ideas. Not by chance that experience ended after 130 games that generated a Yield of + 18.40%.

Last Words

But the real success was that of educating many readers to the conscious and intelligent game and from that moment it was possible to expose innovative and winning ideas, from that day we only proposed singles with a fixed stake, we talk about a long time ago but today it all seems very current.